Thank God for a safe return

I am back home now. Got in yesterday afternoon. I am still pretty tired, so I will not write much. I really enjoyed my trip and both Ghana and South Africa are beautiful places. I did not take any pictures in South Africa because I did not see anything that was worth taking a picture of. Meaning that looking around Jo'Burg is like looking around your city.

Anyhow, I will be updating soon.

Stay tuned.



kid.a said...

glad you made it back safe...i've always wanted to go to Africa, hopefully one day. can't wait to see the pics!

NotForTheFaintOfHeart said...

Hey hey hey. Where you been? Come back and update soon. I know some interesting things have been happening.

kid.a said...

aight its been a month now...time for an update!!!

i know i've been slacking on post lately but we both can't, well not at the same time!!!!

get on it!

~kid a.