Recap: My trip to Africa

After careful consideration, and Niki's poking and prodding, I have decided to put up a few pictures from my trip to Africa. They are only from Ghana, I did not take any in South Africa. Like I said before you want to know what Johannesburg looks like, look out your window. Time to get started.

We rode by this building everyday and everyday I wondered what the hell it was, so I decided to ask. Apparently this is the President's house. As you can see, no matter where you are, the president lives in luxury.

Speaking of the president, this is him and Obama on a billboard. They were really excited about his visit. These billboards and countless other posters were up all over the city. (By the way, I was in Accra)

This was another billboard that was up. Same problem, different continent.

These are just picture of the ENDLESS line of shops that were EVERYWHERE. These folk know the true definition of hustle. Americans do not hustle nearly as hard as these folks. If you are wondering, I did get express written consent from all of these people to have their pictures on my blog.

"No you didn't. You liar."

Shut up.

Hotel room and bathroom. Nothing spectacular, just a regular room.

This was the beach right behind the hotel. From the video it looks really nice, but the sand was littered with trash. I was going to go down there, but I did not know what was among all of the rubbish so I just kept my distance.

Two more of the Obama posters. There were also some that had Michelle on them, but I could never seem to get a good shot of it. We always seemed to be moving when we passed hers.

The top picture is a some of the money in Ghana. They are called Cedis (pronounced See-Dees). The bottom is a excerpt from the hotel handbook that I found particularly amusing. If you can not read it, the funny part to me says 'Please do not tempt the staff by leaving your valuables unsecured'. To me, they are trying to say that it is my fault that the staff wants to steal and if they do steal it is my fault because I tempted them.

Well that is all for now. There are more pictures and I am sure that I will post more. Until then, enjoy these and ask questions if you want to know anything more specific. I am now a expert on Ghanaian culture because I was there for 3 days.



niki.mac said...

these are awesome!! thank you!

kid.a said...

damn we haven't heard from you in min and all of a sudden you come back w/ pics and videos!??! lol but yo thanks for the pictures! they look great!