The Reason

Unless it's fatal...It's no big deal.

This is really how I feel about most things in my life.  I try not to worry myself with thing that do not directly affect me.  To some people this attribute is very annoying because to them I do not care about them and most things that they do.  I can not argue against that, because most time this is definitely the case.  Another great fact about the way I operate is that I tend not to get upset/angry about anything.  The worst I will ever get is really annoyed.  Some could argue that annoyance can be equated to anger, I rebut that by saying that anger tends to stick around while annoyance comes and goes.

"You're rambling again.  Could you please get to the point."

All of that to say, I truly do not care about what people do or say, but I do tend to concern myself with WHY they do or say the things they do.  To me the REASON is much more important than than the action itself.  For example, how many times have you taken your frustration out on someone who did not deserve it?  Everyone has done it at least once, and they have been forced to apologize to the person who received the misdirected WRATH of an angry person.  After you apologize and explained why you were feeling the way you were, I am sure they recipient of said anger quickly forgave you and you continued watching Fresh Prince reruns and eating ice cream.

In a way I think this make me a little too forgiving sometimes because in the past I have allowed people to say some off the wall stuff to me, but forgave them because their frustration did not stem from me.  I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.  On the other side of the coin, I have written people off completely for something very minor because of the REASON why they did it.  I truly believe that you can do some very horrific things and it be valid because of the REASON why you did it.  This make me think of the upcoming movie Law Abiding Citizen.  From what I gather from the previews, it seems as if a guy kills the people who killed his family.  And I think he does it in a pretty gruesome way.  In my head, and I am sure in most people's heads, killing someone who killed your family deserves a standing ovation, not life in prison.

"It seems to me that trying to figure out why someone does something is a waste of time.  Most of the time people do things 'because they want to' and that is basically it.  9 out of 10 times people's gut reactions are they way they really feel.  I would much rather go off of someone's first response than give them an opportunity to talk their way out of it.  Mom & Dad always told us to THINK about what you are going to say before you say it."

Though I do not LIKE most people, I have always been interested in studying people and understanding how individuals work. 

I guess this is just a part of that.




niki.mac said...

glad ur back! ;)

kid.a said...

yo your are inspiring me to make a come back!

i've been thinking about doing it lately but possibly taking it in a more focused direction. i just bought a new camera and thinking about posting pictures i take her and there...i.e. posting more personal things instead of random stuff on the web.

look forward to your comeback!