30 Years is a LONG Time

The American Revolution lasted 8 years.
The Civil War lasted 4 years.
World War I lasted 5 years.
World War II lasted 6 years.
The Vietnam War lasted 15 years.

My parents marriage............ 30 years and still going strong.

It is a funny thing to think about.  My folks have been married for almost as long as all of America's wars combined.  That is a really long time.

Over the years I have seen my folks argue the same way that all couples do, but never have I seen them at the point where they were ready to give up.  They always said that no matter how mad they got at each other that me and my brother were the most important thing, and they would always love each other.  I remember a few times I would ask if they were going to get a divorce after a big fight, their response was always the same, "Where am I gonna go?".  We would always have a good laugh off of that.  I assume that they would have some angry make-up sex or something to get over it because the conflict would never last more than a day.

They are such an odd couple.  My mom was born and raised in Harlem, NY and my dad was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC.  Those places are as far as opposites as you can get.  My mom is loud and obnoxious, my dad is quiet and reserved.  My dad has more of a logic and numbers mind, my mom is very creative.  Here is where it starts to get weird, my dad is the emotional one while my  mom is the hardass.  For the most part I can be completely relaxed around my mom while with my dad I have to watch what I say and do.  At the end of the day, their strange relationship has made it 30 YEARS, so whatever they are doing they are doing a great job.

As I have gotten older I have seen their love grow stronger.  I would venture to say that they are in love more now than ever.  It is probably because my brother and I are out of the house and they get to spend more time together.  I could not ask for a better set of parents, and I love them both with all of my heart.

With that being said, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD.


See, even Douglass can get in the spirit.



niki.mac said...

congrats to them!!! that's truly an accomplishment. i love your parents, they deserve to be happy together for another 30 years!! :)

kid.a said...

Congrats to your parents for making it 30yrs! wow, now that i think about it that is a long time.

lol at comparing marriage to war...lol...

NotForTheFaintOfHeart said...

30 years is a total blessing. I haven't even been on Earth for that long. Makes you believe that people can still be down for each other.

Raquel said...

You are the best! Love MOM and DAD

karrie b. said...

your mom and dad sound AWESOME. i love this post. i could only hope that when i marry it would last this long...or "til death" do us part.

i really needed to see this post. all good things don't come to an end.