Not Fatal Fridays!!!

"I'm really hoping this does not sound too insensitive.  No wait...I really do not care.  I'm getting absolutely sick and tired of hearing about the damn swine flu.  The way I see it, those who are catching it here  in the US are going out looking for it.  It makes no sense to me how this all of a sudden pops up."

Hold up Douglass, that is EXTREMELY insensitive.  People are out there dying because of this thing, and you want to mock those who are catching it?  That is a little low, even for you.

"I'm sorry, but it just does not make any sense to me.  I'll say that I am completely ignorant to the history of the S.F. but it is just hard for me to believe that this kind of thing happens all of a sudden.  Do you want to know what I really think?"

I am sure I am not going to like where this is going.

"If you ask me it's the government testing out a new strain of some new killer disease.  If you look at where these MAGIC pandemics first pop up it is never in the US.  They always start in some far away country then make its way here.  It's inevitable for it to make it to the US but it is a calculated risk that the government takes into account."

Why is everything that happens a government conspiracy?

"The government has ultimate power.  Yeah there are checks and balances, but there are ways to get around that.  We all watch enough movies to know that.  There are those people out there who love the country so much that they have no problem unleashing a deadly flu out into the world for the sake of 'patriotism'."

You are just ridiculous.

"Sure I am.  But what I want all you to remember is that:

Swine flu is not 'fatal', therefore it's no big deal."



niki.mac said...

I'm totally with you on this. First of all, the hype surrounding this is kind of crazy. There is no difference from this flu and the influenza virus that is spread every flu season. The media is only hyping it up because people have died in Mexico. But what they don't talk about is the demographic of the people who died in Mexico is the same demographic that would die from any flu -- because they don't have access to healthcare to treat the symptoms.

Sure, nobody wants to be sick... but Swine Flu is NOT fatal, so I'm tired of hearing about it! lol

Hope you have a good weekend Stewie! When are you in NC next?

eizzy.k said...

true that!