Black History

"I don't think it's fair that Stew always has me do posts about sex or something else stupid.  So I decided to go behind his back and post something that has some substance.  I can't have the world thinking I'm some kind of pervert, or that I'm an idiot."

But you are pervert, and an idiot.  What is wrong with telling the truth.

"And you wonder why I am always tormenting your ass.  Just shut up and let me handle this."

Go for it. Now I get to take a nap.

"If there is one thing that Stew & I wished we studied more of, it's black history.  We know all the basic stuff like George Washington Carver's peanut, and Rosa Parks, but there are little details that we don't know that we would like to know.  Every now and again we come across a piece of information and we think 'I didn't know that, but it feels like I should have'.  Lately we have been gathering information on black history so that one day we can sit down and read it.  Hopefully we will keep these plans."

Speak for yourself, I know my black history.

"I'm sure you do Stew.  But what we are happy about is that we were alive to witness MAYBE the most important event in black history, the election of a black president.  So this got us thinking.  The most important events in black history in recent years has been the civil rights movement and President Obama's election."

What about when I was born? I feel like that was a great moment in black history.

"You are insignificant."

"If you had to choose JUST ONE of those events to be alive for and participate in, which one would you pick?  Would you choose to be a part of all the protests and marches, or would you choose to attend Obama's speeches and eventual inauguration?  Would you rather be beaten and bruised by the attack dogs, police, and fire hoses, or would you rather have to deal with the "silent" racism that comes with having a black president?"

I do not think I can choose.  They are both very significant events that changed the history of the world.

"Neither can I, but I'm interested in seeing what everyone else thinks."



kid.a said...

what ever happened to black history month? it seems to have fallen by the wayside but maybe that is a good thing. B/c we need to celebrate our history every day instead of 29 days throughout the year.

I too wished I knew more about our history as well.

If I had to choose to participate in the two events that you listed...I'm not sure which one i would pick...They are very important times and shapes who we are today and to say one is more important than the other is impossible to determine.

niki.mac said...

Yea, I went through this phase in high school where all I wanted to learn was Black History... but with school and all, I never really devoted all the time I wanted to to studying it.

Black History month has truly disappeared tho!