That Just Ain't Fair

I like Tom Cruise.  

Not because I think he is a good actor, I am not sure that I know what constitutes good a bad actor, but because he is a very physical actor and he makes good action movies.  The Mission Impossibles are an awesome set of movies.  He and Will Smith are guaranteed to run in EVERY movie they are in.  I was not expecting to see Will running in Pursuit of Happyness, but dammit if he did not find a scene to explode into an emotion filled gallop.  Hell, one of the main shots for the 7 Pounds trailer is him running in the rain.

But I digress...

In 2002 Minority Report was released, and Tom Cruise was the star.  Yet again, Tom used his athleticism to make an action packed movie.  But it is not the action of the movie that caught my attention, it was the premise.

Imagine living in a world where you could get in trouble for the things that you were going to to do, and not for the things that you have done.  In the movie, this idea only applies to murders, but what if these rules were applied to EVERYTHING bad you did.  What if the cops knew you were going to rob a bank before you did?  What if your significant other knew you were going to cheat before you actually did it?  What if your teacher knew you were going to plagiarize before you did it?

In my personal opinion I do not think it is very fair for someone to get into trouble for what they were thinking about doing.  Just because the thought of chopping your boss' head off crossed your mind does not mean you were actually going to go through with it.  Personally I think this is unfair to people who frequently have morbid thought, but never go through with them.

Here's something else to think about....

What if this were a service that could be bought?  How bad would that suck?  You girl/boyfriend could know in advance when you were going to break up with them, so they would do it before you had a chance to.  Your friend knew you were going to eat the last slice of pizza so he beat you to it.  That unattractive chick/dude at the club knew the only way you would sleep with him/her is if you were drunk so they bought you a bunch of drinks, and now you are waking up with a hangover trying to figure out why you are naked laying next to a Freddy Kruger look alike.

As you can see, there are many things that could go wrong if we develop the ability to see into the future.

Not only could you end up fire from your job or in jail...you could end up on the bad end of someone's diabolical plot to get in your pants.



kid.a said...

you know what your right...every will smith does have a scene of him running in an "emotioned filled gallop".

never thought of that before...i guess that is his signature...kinda like cuba gooding jr. crying in every (most) movie.

but yea as far as the concept of living in a world where you could get into trouble for everything...i used to live in a world like that and until i moved away for college. replace cops/gov't w/ parents and there you go -> minority report type of world.

but in all honesty if the world in minority report were a reality...it would suck.

and as far as being able to see into the future...I wouldn't. for so many reasons

the age old question "if you could know the exact time and date you will die, would you want to know it???" i wouldn't. (yo this should be your next post..unless you've already done it). i think this question was addressed in the movie "the bucket list"...check it out.

sorry for post a long message and slightly going off topic...

good post and minority report was great!

RunGirl. said...

Minority Report was def a good movie with an interesting premise.

I wouldn't want to know or anywone else to know either. I often think things with no intention of going through with it, so I'd have been sent to jail at least 5 times today ...

Brothers Blog said...

I think in the movie though the movie the murders they thought of were crimes that they not just thought of but were actually going to committ if they weren't stopped.

but as for just thinking something and someone being able to know those intimate thoughts that would definitely not be cool at all.

lol @ freddy kruger.

Lina said...

I was laughing at that part about Will Smith and Tom Cruise running in every movie, until I saw the preview for Seven Pounds and sure nuff his ass was running, and I busted out laughing. Stew you are the best.