Happy Holidays

First off I would like to welcome Niki back to the states.  After a 6 month absence I am happy to have her back on this side of the world.

Next on the agenda, I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  And what ever other holidays you are celebrating out there.  I hope everyone stays safe and thoroughly enjoys themselves.

Also, I am making progress on my mixtape.  As of right now I have two more tracks in the making, Go Soft & Azma Attack.  I need a female voice for Azma Attack, and I must say that it has been pretty hard to come by.  Since I have been home I have let a few people listen to what I have so far, and just about everyone has liked it.  They have been laughing a lot and that is all that I ask for.  Most surprising to me is how much my dad is into it.  He walks around the house singing my songs.  It is a little weird.  I got an offer from Niki to debut some of the music on her blog, but I have not made up my mind.  If I do I will definitely let you all know.

Lastly, Douglass is back, and he will be making his return pretty soon.  I have no clue what he will have to say, so just brace yourself.

Again, Happy Holidays. 

Stay Safe


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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi Stew,

Happy Holidays to you also & congrads on the mixtape! Great things in 2009!