Bet You Never Though About That

First off I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday.  Hopefully none of you all got into any REAL trouble out there shopping on Black Friday.  I know a couple of people who came close to catching assault charges messing with those crowds.

For those of you who enjoy Douglass' pseudo-intelligent humor, I am sorry to say that he is still on fall break, and he will not be back until next week.  He sends his regards. 

Wait....I'm getting a text from him right now.  It says:

"F**k you Stew."

How nice of him.


I had a conversation today with a some people and we were goofing off as usual, and some how we got on the topic of Santa Clause.  I asked them:

If Santa was real, would you write to him?

To which everyone responded:

"Hell yeah, sometimes twice a day."

So then I asked:

What type of cell phone do you think Santa would have?

No one responded, so I said:

I think Santa would have a Blackberry.

To me this makes perfect sense.  Even though I have never really sat down and used a Blackberry, from what I understand it is very good at letting you read your email and organize massive amounts of information.  I think this would suit Santa very well.  He has to have a way to organize his naughty and nice lists.  He has to have a way to read all of the letters that people would send him.  To me a Blackberry seems like a perfect fit for Santa

Next I asked:

What type of cell phone would Jesus have?


My main argument for Jesus having an iPhone is that Jesus seems to be a flashy guy.  Right now in the cell phone game there is nothing more flashy than the iPhone.  Even though the number of people that have an iPhone is growing exponentially, Jesus would still have the most tricked out iPhone with some one-of-a-kind applications.  For example he would have and application that answers prayers, or performs miracles from half way around the world.  He would not even have to get up to do his thing.

With all of this talk about all powerful beings having cell phone, it got me thinking about real people and what kind of cell phone they would have had.

You folks tell me. 

What type of phone would these people have?

Malcolm X
Harriet Tubman
Bruce Lee
Abraham Lincoln
Black Beard (Don't know who this is??? Look it up)

I bet you never thought about that.



Lina said...

Stew, you got issues...but it was funny.

kid.a said...

damn your right i never thought about this....hmm what kinda of phone would bruce lee use?!?

i'ma have to get back to you...also is it just between the blackberry and the iphone or can they use other phones as well?

yea i'ma have to put some thought into this one...

Stew said...

@lina - yeah most people think i got something wrong wit me, but u did not answer the question

@kid - it's not just between the blackberry and iphone, any cell phone ever made

12kyle said...

youz a funny dude, bruh!!! lmao!!

Eb the Celeb said...

OK.. how did this conversation start again?

And they were actually listening...

this sounds like the kind of convo that people have when their high

were you high?

Stew said...

@kyle - yeah...i do what i can

@eb - we were just sitting around talking. no drugs involved, i dont smoke, neither does anyone else. we just had open minds.