It's Official...

Have you ever sat around and talked about doing something for months and months.  Maybe something like:

'I'm going to start reading more.'


'I'm going to to start exercising again.'


'I'm going to stop picking my nose.'

Sadly enough, even when you said these things to yourself, you knew in the back of your head that you would continue to procrastinate.  Well unlike all of you lazy people out there I got up off of my butt and did started on the task that I have challenged myself with.

I have officially.......

STARTED ON MY MIXTAPE. (cue superhero music)

So far I have 6 songs finished, and I must say that I really enjoy rapping.  Now do not get me wrong, I am not SERIOUSLY pursuing a rap career, I am recording the music on my laptop.  I just enjoy making music.  The whole purpose was to make a mixtape and send it to my brother, because I knew he would get a good laugh out of it.  So far, so good.  But if you ask me, I am actually putting together some pretty good songs, given what I have to work with.

I started out by recording in my living room, turns out that the sound travel does not get picked up well in there (too much open space), then I moved into my bathroom (still too much echo), then I found the perfect spot to record my hot rhymes...a closet.  There is not any echo, and it is completely silent.  I could not have asked for a better place (except for an actual studio that is).

So far my tracklist is as follows, but in no particular order

1. Crazy Ass Dreams
2. Here For You
3. Cake Walk
4. One Word
5. Learn How to Count
6. Cleaned Up My Room

I can not express to you folks how much fun I have been having these past few days.  The only really weird thing is that my mom is making me create clean versions of all of the song.  I must say that replacing "dirty" words with "clean" words leaves you with a strange taste in your mouth.  A little like when you brush you tongue too far in the back and you throw up a little.  That is how it taste to replace "damn" with "darn".

My whole point in tell you this is so that you can get up off of your ass and do whatever it is that you have been meaning to do.  Because if I can start recording my mixtape then you can pull that finger out of your nose.

It is going to start bleeding eventually.



Latoya said...


niki.mac said...

i cannot wait to hear this. lol

can u world premiere on SBP??

1/3 said...

oh wow lol I want to hear it!

12kyle said...

MC Stew!!!

i agree with what you said. i've been saying the same thing..."i'll do this or that."

i'm just gonna do it!

Charles said...

Okay man...I see you!!

Stew said...

toya - why thank you

niki - i am not sure if i want to global with it. i have to see what my mom thinks about it

@1/3 - i will see what i can do

@kyle - i do not think i would call myself that. seems too late 80's ish

@charles - yeah i do what i can

kid.a said...

thats impressive! making songs and releasing a mixtape (eventually)!?!? nice...can't wait to see what you come up w/...

i guess your right it is time for me to get up off my ass and do something w/ my life....i like my job but it isn't me...

Lina said...

I have got to hear this...you should post it when youre finished.

Stew said...

@kid - i think i am going to debut it on SBP i am going to give a little taste pretty soon

@lina - dont expect too much. it is just really funny

Muze said...


i'm with you. getting off my ass right now. lol.