How Long Will This Last???

Now... I understand that this music is not meant for me. I know this. But this crap is giving Hip-Hop a bad name. We have to stop classifying this crap as Rap/Hip-Hop and give it a different genre. Like Wacky Crap, or TMM (Talentless Music Movement). No matter what it is called, something has to be done.



Lina said...

Its never going to die....*evil laugh to commence*

It has no purpose other than to give people a new dance to massacre...its not real.

Sasha said...


niki.mac said...

first of all... soulja boy hit on me once in the ATL airport... he truly is a fool! lol

the sad thing is... the kids LOVE this stuff. and that's who actually BUYS music.. I think we gotta teach them better.

12kyle said...

whut the hell is he sayin? lmao

i'll give him 3 yrs...and he'll be flipping burgers at mcdonalds

KGB said...

I second that motion. Straight garbage.