Movies are not ALWAYS fake

To some of my more faithful readers, it is brutally obvious that I am a BIG BIG movie fan. I will watch just about any movie, if I can catch it, but I am very picky about what movies I decided to spend my money to go and see. What I find most interesting about my interest in movies is that I tend to examine movies on a much deeper level than what they were originally intended.

"This is because you have no life.  You need to be more like me and get out more.  Stop spending all of your time in the movie theater and in the house. Go out and enjoy life. DAMN!!!"

Douglass, how do you go anywhere with me with you?

"That is not the important thing here.  The important thing is that you get the hell out of the house. I am sick of always having to watch lame ass movies.  There are plenty of things to do and people to meet out there on the streets."

You get in trouble on the streets.  You and I both know that.  Now quiet down, I have to get to the point.

"Please do. I'm getting sick of your rambling."

In recent years, one of my favorite movies has been Mr. & Mrs Smith.  It is now being played on FX which is what prompted me to write about it.  In my opinion, the movie does a great job contrasting the emotions and actions of men and women when their relationship gets turned up-side-down.  Let us not forget, this is an action movie.

I do not know how many of you have seen the movie, but for those who have, think about how differently John and Jane reacted to the situation.  Jane was very impulsive.  She did and said things that she regretted.  John on the other head kept a cool head and tried, with little success, to talk it out and gain some understanding about what was going on.  Jane, like MOST women, allowed for her emotions to take control and did not consider the implications of her actions until afterwards.  Also, she was very negative during the whole ordeal.  For example, John said to her: "I want this story to have a happy ending." she responded: "Happy endings are for stories that aren't finished." (This was the scene where they were dancing... one of my favorite scenes)  If you ask me, she was being extremely negative and was not even trying to hear John out.  

I must say that John did something very stupid. Why would he chase after Jane's car with a gun in his hand?  What was Jane to expect when he shot a hole in the windshield?  He should have left the gun in the house, and that entire situation could have been avoided.  

The main point I am getting at is that men and women are polar opposites when it comes to dealing with a crisis, especially when the crisis is an affair of the heart.  Men tend to keep a more calm disposition, while women tend to take actions that are full of passion.  With both approaches there are pros and cons.  Maybe there is a situation that calls for a man to act with more vigor, but since we do not naturally tap into those types of emotions, we could potentially make the situation worse.  Also, sometimes it is good that that a woman acts completely out of impulse due to her emotional outburst, it does not ALWAYS have to have a negative impact.

"Sometimes I think you are a woman."

Nothing I say is ever absolute.  There are exceptions to every rule.  But for the majority...




Lina said...

Well that kinda goes along with the statement that women are more emotional and men are more logical, so it would make sense that women would think, in a crisis or failed relationship, that its over.

Movie buff, eh? I'd like to know your top ten.

niki.mac said...

i don't like that you are making generalizations about women based on a movie or any single anecdote. yes, some women can be brash and impulsive within a crisis but i'd argue that there are almost just as many that are not. and hell, i know PLENTY of guys that act very impulsively when shit goes down too!

that being said, that was a great movie tho ;)

Stew said...

@lina - i can give that to you. i will make a post about it

@niki - see...you are the reason why i normally put disclaimers when i post stuff like this. i am not making sweeping judgements about ALL WOMEN. the fact that women are naturally more emotional allows me to make comments like these.

you cannot argue that

KGB said...

Love that movie! And I agree with you...for the most part.

12kyle said...

i couldn't agree more. i think you're dead on point. i won't generalize and say that all women are like that. but the ones that i know are! lol

niki.mac said...

@stew ---> you kno i have to play devil's advocate ;)

kid.a said...

i agree that men and women think and react differently when dealing w/ situations.

not trying to make a generlization but:

women = emotionally.

men = logically.

kid.a said...

oh yea there are guys who think emotionally and women who think logically when it comes to dealing/reacting to situations but when that happens ppl say, just as you said: "I think you are (acting like) a women..."

i didn't start the stereotype and i'm not trying to perpetuate it...