The Beginning

It's No Big Deal. That's what comes after the title. For the past 6 or 7 years that phrase has been the foundation for my day to day life. Before then I worried a lot. I worried about what other people thought of me, other people's issues, everyone else's problems but my own (I didn't have many, but still). I spent so much time trying to impress people and make sure that I never rubbed anyone the wrong way. There came a point where I did not like the person I was turning into. I realized that I cared to much about others and not enough about myself. My self esteem dropped off for a while.

"Yeah Yeah, that's sad and all, but let them know how you turned it all around. Tell them how you came across this life altering sentiment."

Another issue I had as a youngster was my inability to control my emotions. I was due for one OFF THE WALL outburst at least twice a week. Whether it be me crying like a baby because I lost a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, or someone intentionally pestering to set me off, I would explode right on cue.....kinda like Ol' Faithful. Apparently my Granny wanted to give me some words of wisdom, she wanted to let me know that everything is not a life or death situation, sometimes things happen and just as soon as they happen they fade away. Her way of doing this was sending me this She sent it too me when I was very young, but I did not pay much attention to it for years. Fast forward to high school. I look up on my wall, and there is this pink sheet of paper hanging on the wall in a plastic frame. I take it off the wall, read it, discuss it with my mom, and the rest is history.

"Ok Stew, that's enough. These people are just starting to read your blog, and you are going on and on about ancient history. How about an introduction?!?"

I digress. To begin, my name is Stew. For now, we will keep it that simple...Stew. Maybe I will tell you more once I get to know you better. The person that has twice now interrupted me (the "quoted" text) that is Douglas. He is MY manifestation of the Devil's Advocate. He will always be around to look at any issue I decide to discuss from a different perspective. I am hoping that our conversations will grant you (the reader) insight. Maybe help you look at things in a different way. Help you to open you mind.

"Thanks for the intro I didn't ask for. That's enough for your first post. You don't want to bore the poor people to death. They will learn more about US as they read the blog. Sign off."

I guess that is enough for now. I am guessing that I have piqued your interest enough for you to stop by and check me out at some time in the near future. I will have this page looking half decent soon. Stick around, things are going to start getting interesting.



karrie b. said...

well hello there stew. cant wait to see more from you.


Melody.Darlene said...

"unless it's fatal it's no big deal" ...i love that quote!

kayellejaye said...

Those are definitely words to live by. I usually just tell 'em "It's not that serious. Really, it's not.".

Nice blog.


it's spelt: j.e.n.i said...

nice blog...

I might be a potential future reader in the making lol

... I def agree with ^^^ this quote is definitely something to live by... i need to start applying them to my thought processes on a daily basis.