My New Banner!!!

My page is finally starting to come together. I got my banner today from one of my co-authors. She is a fantastic artist, and a fantastic person. Douglass and I both think so. Also, you guys got a glimpse into the mind of BlakThot. I knew that bringing him in on this with me would be a great idea. He can dive deeper into a subject that I ever thought was possible. Keep a lookout for him, he will continue to drop plenty knowledge on you guys. I don't have anything thought provoking today. Do you Douglass?

"Nope. You know I only feed off of you and your crazy way of thinking. But I must say that the page is coming along very nicely. Banner is nice, the comments people are leaving compliment our content. Seems like we are accomplishing the original goals."

Until next time. Remember this:

Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die today.

-James Dean



karrie b. said...

the new banner is ill, and so is niki.mac. that's my bitch for realz.

nice quote. will do my best to remember it.


p.s. this word verification on your comments has to go my dear.

Adrianne M said...

Stewy!! ( I prob can't call you that...that's what Nik calls you)

Anyway, I TAGGEd you! check out my blog for details...