Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?

HEY KIDS!!!!! After a very enjoyable stay at home we are back. We intended to continue blogging while we were at home, but as you can see we COMPLETELY fell off our game.

Be honest people, how many of you missed us? Show of hands. How many of you checked a few times and thought to yourself "Gosh, where are these guys?"

I knew it. You can put your hands down. Well I am glad to be back, and I have a lot of stuff on my mind so lets get started.

"So you want to just jump right into it, and not give me a chance to say anything? That's really messed up Stew."

I apologize. Anything you would like to say Douglass?


While he pouts, let's move on.

In 1998 Jim Carrey starred in a movie called "The Truman Show". For those who have not seen it, the premise of the movie is, a media corporation adopts a kid, and turns the kid's entire life into a television show. The cameras are always rolling, there are actors playing various roles in his life with hidden cameras constantly filming his life. I really liked this movie; Jim Carrey did a fantastic job as always. I want to go into detail about what happens in the movie, but I do not want to spoil it for those who have not seen it.

"So if you are not going to tell us what happens in the movie what's the point of bringing it up? You see this is why I rarely pay attention to you."

So I see you feel like talking now. Just stick with me I will pull it together.

When I take a shower I love to keep the lights off, and I almost always have music playing. One thing I think ALL people do is sing in the shower. I do not know what makes us do it, but it is safe to say that at some point EVERYONE sings in the shower. Singing is not enough for me. I also dance. You can't tell me nothing (double negative... I know) when I am dancing in the shower. I will call it shancing... "shower dancing". I feel like Chris Brown, Omarion, Marques Houston, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Savion Glover, the judges & crews from America's Best Dance Crew, Usher, N Sync, every krumper alive, the Harlem Shaking boys from the "Let's Get It" video, Missy, the little white girl from the Missy videos, the entire world can not hold a candle to me when I am shancing. Every dance known to man, I can do it AND execute it to perfection. Sometimes I wonder, "How come I am not in someone's video somewhere getting paid? I got talent."

"I can tell you why. You suck. The reason you keep the lights off is because you are ashamed to see yourself bust those SLOPPY moves. I've seen you dance in the shower, and I must say that you are the epitome of terribleness. You had better pray that no one ever sees you, or gets it on tape because I will be the first one on youtube laughing at you."

Sometimes I think, "What if someone were to see me shance?" I do not get embarrassed easily, but I do believe that being caught in the middle of a serious pop locking session would do the trick.

In "The Truman Show", Truman had no clue that his every move was being taped and broadcast live to millions of viewers. I am sure he did and said stuff that he was SURE no one was aware of. Everyone does little things that they do not want anyone else to see or hear. I have told you one of mine.

What do you do?



One Man’s Opinion said...

DAMN! How big is your shower, boy! LOL.

dejanae said...

shancing is the shit
hmm let's see
trying to check if my telekinetic powers have spontaneously been activated

Stew said...

@one man - standard size, but the way i move you would think i had an entire stage

@dejanae - i knew there were others. shancing is too much fun to be the only one doing it. any luck with the telekinesis??

Kieya said...

LOL shancing?! thats freakin hilarious.....but i'm not even gonna front.....

......i do that too. I'm badder than Janet, Ciara & Ms. Freakum herself Beyonce...in the shower. But I don't sing...I don't if I ever have....

niki.mac said...

i sooo grumpy in the shower!! i don't feel like dancing, singing or anything in the morning. lol

Don said...

i probably shouldn't repeat what i do. ha! i never felt like i was being watched but definitely felt like my phone conversations were being listened on.

dejanae said...

nah man
i cant even move spoons

kid.a said...

shancing is dangerous. i stopped dancing after falling down a few times...not cool.

but i do sing from time to time...you (I) sound better in the shower. bill nye the science guy explained it on one of shows, way back when.

but yeah i feel ya on the being watched...The Truman Show was a good movie...

Stew said...

@kieya - seems like we should start a dance team. we can call it "Shancing Superstars".... well we could work on the name later

@niki - the shower is a happy time. if you are grumpy the shower is supposed to cheer you up

@don - i don't think we need to know if you don't wanna tell us. i feel you on the phone thing though.

@kid - never fell. that must hurt. that porcelain is not a forgiving material. i'm sure bill nye is right. the acoustics in the shower must be excellent, or bad. whatever makes me sound the best.

Kieya said...

LOL shancing superstars....yea, lets work on that