Not Fatal Fridays!!!

Welcome everyone to Not Fatal Fridays!!!

"Wait!!! Are you stealing MY idea?"

What makes you think this is YOUR idea? If I recall correctly, WE were having a conversation and you just so happened to mention that we have not posted anything that matches the overall theme of our blog.

"Exactly. I am the one who mentioned it, therefore I should be the one to host it. Is it too much to ask that I have a topic once a week? For the rest of the time you can continue to keep me locked away.

I have no issue with that. All I ask is for you to not say anything crazy. Remember, this is for the world to see. You put anything too outlandish out there then I get the heat, not you.

"Understood. Let's get started."

"I have been waiting for this. I want to talk about Facebook (and every other social networking website) and the IDIOTS that treat it like gold. I have no issue with Facebook or Myspace or anything else, hell Stew's on Facebook. My only issue is with the dummies that take what is on FB/MS (Facebook/MySpace) as a 100% true to life autobiography. It kills me when I hear some craziness like this:"

Person 1 "Did you hear that Jack and Jill have broken up?"
Person 2 "No, that can not be true. I just saw them together."
Person 1 "That's not what it says on FB."

or some other nonsense like:

Person 1 "So do you know what he/she looks like?"
Person 2 "Yeah man, he/she got these pictures up on MS. He/she is fine as hell."

"I don't understand why EVERYONE hasn't realized that the internet is easiest place to fabricate a personality. As far as you guys know Stew REALLY has Dissociative Identity Disorder and I am one of his personalities. One of his MANY personalities."

First off, try not to call people names. Calling them "idiots" and "dummies" is not going to help anything. Next, I am not going to lie, it is hard sometimes not to trust what you see on some of these sites because the first question you have to ask yourself is 'Why would they lie about something like that?'

"There is no answer to that question. People are stupid."

"Sorry ladies, but I have to rip on you for a moment. I don't understand why females get PISSED by the amount of information a guy decides to disclose. I'm sorry ladies but you gals are guaranteed to be upset if a guy would rather not display his "relationship status" on FB. Too many time have I heard this conversation:"

Person 1: "Man my girl is mad at me right now."
Person 2: "Why? You have a fight or something?"
Person 1: "Yeah man. Over something stupid too."
Person 2: "If it is worth fighting over, it can not be that stupid."
Person 1: "She mad because I did not change my status on FB."

"If you ask me, the only people that NEED to know that a relationship exists are the people in the relationship. When you start to involve other people then that is when everything gets complicated. People start talking and lies get created. Then the relationship that could have gotten somewhere gets all messed up because you have added 'people' in the equation."

I was hoping that you would say something wrong and I could call you out on it Douglass, but I do not disagree with anything you have said. I agree that people take what is on the internet too seriously. I wanted to test this theory out, so a few years ago my and my best friend whom I will call Dr. J, decided to display that we were in a relationship. Sure enough I started getting messages like:

Stew are you serious?


How long have you two been together?


Stew you need to get some Jesus in your life.

I know they were serious because when I told them it was supposed to be funny they all said, 'Oh'. Point Proven.

"So remember: FB/MS/everything else is not fatal, therefore it's no big deal"



karrie b. said...

i love it when girls fight on my best friends wall. he's such a pimp...but only on fb lol...in real life he's a lam-o!!


kid.a said...

yeah its funny, after reading your profile, look at ur pics and friends, ppl think they know you...

i lost my interest in fb a long time ago...

One Man’s Opinion said...

People are funny, and when I say funny I mean funny "sad". You know those teenage cheerleaders that beat that girl down was all about some crap that was said on facebook. I too am on face book, but only because of peer pressure. I don't keep up with it as much as my friends would like me to though. Oh well. I just don't determine my popularity by the amount of friends I have on face book and myspace. Bump that.

Stew said...

@karrie - there are a bunch of folks on the net like that. the funniest people to me are the "internet thugs" . they are much worse than the "internet players"

@kid - that's exactly what I am talking about. i lost my interest too, but i stay because its a good way to stay in contact w/folks i normally do not talk to

@one man - did not know that. the problem is worse when you get to the kids because they do not understand the difference between real life and the internet

Kieya said...

this is pretty funny cuz i'm def guilty of

"yea, whatchamacallit & whasherfacebroke up....i saw it on fb" lol

i got "married" to my best friend one time & my older brother got upset & said our union was blasphemy. Then tattled.

i like fb cuz i have friends all over & its great to stay in contact. And while there are ppl who front hard, i know plenty of ppl who dont. I guess it all just depends on how serious u take it.

I won't go up to someone and be like, "so i saw your fb profile said you a 'conscious black man', so why is three six mafia in your favorite music list" cuz thats just crazy lol

Stew said...

@kieya - that funny cuz i LOVE Three 6 Mafia, and i like to think of myself as conscious