Hopefully SOMEONE out there missed me

(I would like to send a R.I.P. to my man Don Mega. He has not passed, but he has stopped blogging. He will be sorely missed. Stay strong brother.)


Ok. I am back.

"What?!? Who's that? Oh, it's you. I been sleep all of this time, waiting for you to come back. Where have you been man? You told me you would be right back. I missed my segment last week. That's all kinds of messed up."

I told you that I had to run down to H-Town for a sec. My and my man Jesùs De Luca drove to Texas because he has some stuff to do.

"That is a long drive. Spending that much time with one person. I don't think I could handle that."

It was cool though. We stopped in Memphis on Friday night. We walked around on Beale street for a bit. Then chilled by the river. We slept in Arkansas, then made our way to the Bill Clinton Library in Little Rock. I wish we could have stayed there a little longer, but we had to get on the road. Clinton was an AWESOME president though. He did SO much for this country. For example, did you know that he brought the country out of debt, then took us to a surplus? That is some amazing stuff.

"All of the good stuff he did definitely overshadows the whole 'Monica' thing."

Oddly enough, there was no mention of the "Monica" thing anywhere in the place. Makes sense though. I did notice something funny though. There were 4 pictures up with Bill & Hillary posing in front of a HUGE Christmas tree. In 3 of them, they are hugging/embracing for the picture. But in 1999 they have a large gap between them.

"And so...."

That is when the "Monica" thing went down. Coincidence? I do not think so.

"Well that makes sense. He got busted for getting some 'Lewinsky', and she did not even want to touch him. Ha! He is still the man though."

Yes he is.

Anyhow, I am back, and I do not plan on going on any hiatuses anytime soon so you folks will be getting a healthy dose of US.

Are you ready?


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dejanae said...

welcome back
sounds like good times