There's One in Every Group (High School Edition)

In movies, books, television, and any other type of media that tells stories about a group of friends there are always people that fall into certain categories. Like there is always a smart character, foreign character, "dumb blond" character, etc...

Like most people, I have many acquaintances, homeboys, peoples, and every other word used to describe people that you know but you do not consider a friend. Before I went to college I had two best friends, Boozer & Dr. J. These were my boys. We were together all the time. So much so that when one was missing The first thing someone asks is "Where is ... (missing person)." Even though there were just three of us, we each had a role.

Dr. J : Jock/Lunatic

Me: Smart Guy

Boozer: Pretty Boy/Jock/New Crew Member

Me and Dr.J had been friends long before we met Boozer. We became a trio when Boozer moved into the house next to mine in high school. At first I could not stand the guy. Growing up I was not used to having kids in my neighborhood. I never had little Johnny come to my door and ask my mom "Can Stew come out to play?" So when Boozer would come by it would annoy the hell out of me. My first thought would be "What the hell does this guy want?" Turns out all he wanted to do was chill. Once we all made the JV squad my 10th grade year we became SUPER tight, and the rest is history.

"Well how did they get their respective titles? You just do not become "The Lunatic" for no reason."

Dr. J is really good at basketball. He is quite possibly one of the best PG to come out of Raleigh. The only thing that ever held him back was his height. Not his fault though. Outside of that he is a complete NUT JOB. I am reminded of this basketball tournament we went to in Charlotte when we were about 12 years old.

8:00 am - Piece of ham is deposited on the ground in a parking lot from a McDonald's breakfast sandwich
5:00 or 6:00 pm - Return to the same parking lot to find the ham is still in the same spot
1 min later - There is a dare to eat the ham (Side note: A dare, not a bet so no money was exchanged)
5 sec later - Dr. J answers the call and eats the ham

There were MANY events like this. I will bet anyone that my friend is crazier than your friend. Granted, if your friend does crazy stuff and goes to jail for it, then you got me beat.

Boozer on the other hand was the exact opposite. He is smooth, calm, and LIGHT SKINNED. That is why he get the pretty boy label. I am not the one giving him the title. I can not tell you how many times we would be walking in the mall and some random girl calls me over to her and says something like this:

Girl: Hey what's up how are you doing?
Me: I'm straight. What's up with you?
Girl: Well me and my friends were wondering, what's up with your friend?
Me: Which one?
Girl: The light skinned on.

This never really bothered me because I knew that if we all got together then Dr. J & I were guaranteed one of the friends. Even though the friends were probably interested in Boozer the whole time. I just wondered why they didn't just skip the middle man (Me) and just talk to him their damn selves.

Boozer was a two sport guy so he automatically got the title of Jock. He also played football. Personally I always thought he was better at football. (Now that I think about it, I think he knew that too) I think the ladies loved him because he was like a big teddy bear because of his LB frame.

The whole purpose of this is to have you think about your high school days and try to remember who was in your crew. What labels did you all have? What was your label?

I think it would be cool if you turned it into a post on your own blog (if you have not done something like this already). If you do then let me know with a comment that you did, or you plan to. If you choose not to, still throw a comment up and tell me what your title was.

It's always fun to reminisce.



boo! coco said...

i tink it happens to everyone at sum point i'm part of a threesome. we are know as the triplets period it seems everyone wants 2 4get we are individuals and have names

dejanae said...

im known as the sarcastic/mentally unstable one

Kieya said...

i was the smart-yet-stupid-at-the-sametime-always-smiling-classclown

lol....and i still am pretty much

Stew said...

@coco - oddly enough it did not really bother me that we were looked at as one entity. let people know that we were THAT tight

@dejanae - everyone has one. i think those people are AWESOME. always give you something to laugh at

@kieya - so you lack common sense? i do too. but i did not smile. still don't.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I totally agree with this post, Stew. I tell this to my friends all the time. We are a small circle and I am very protective of it. I tell them, "You just can't just be inviting everybody into the circle and expect me to except them. What happened to the interview process? Did they even fill out an application?" I'm sorry, but the core of us have know each other for almost twenties years. That's saying something.
So, here's the deal. I know everyone else's character, but I am not sure which I am. I think I might be the comic relief (or the cheap one), but I don't want that title so I'm gonna say I'm the smart one and dare anyone to contest it.

BlakThot said...

My homegirl said I was a mix of the Oracle from the Matrix and Dr. Gregory House, but more polite, for our crew...
The "new friends" took a while to warm up to me cuz I somehow became the jaded one...but yeah, I feel what u sayin though...