Not Fatal Fridays!!!

"I don't know why he has me do a segment that's meant for 'Friday' on Saturday morning. It makes no sense to me. I have to get away from this guy. He's only holding me back."

Get away from me? Where are you going to go?

"That's none of your business. Now keep quiet so that I can start this thing."


"What's happening folks? It's time once again for... Not Fatal Fridays!!! Today's topic was given suggested by Stew's good friend Niki. I can come up with ideas myself, but Stew BEGGED me to use her topic. I guess I will save my brilliance for another time."

"Let's begin."

"Today's topic is 'Keeping up with the Jones'. At first I did not understand what this was, until Niki explained it to me. (I guess she is useful for something) For those of you who were like me and do not know, I will explain. There have been a few commercials that have documented this. Like that Mini Cooper commercial where the two neighbors are battling to see who can put the coolest stuff on his car. Or the Home Depot commercial that airs around Christmas time where the two neighbors are competing to see who can put up the best decorations. Keeping up with the Jones' is referring to neighbors competing over something extremely trivial like the best lawn, bigger fence, better garden....that kind of stuff."

It's hard to believe that people actually compete over these kinds of things. Jay-J has never battled with anyone over how the lawn looked, and I doubt that Madame B. has ever cared about who's drapes are nicer. Then again I am sure that they do not care enough to compete.

"Even though no one asked you to comment, I will address your comments. Not everyone has this competitive spirit, just really shallow people. I understand that competition is in man's nature, but if you want to be competitive then have a race around the block or play a game of checkers, but don't try to out do your neighbor's rose bushes. That is a waste of time."

I am going to play your role as devil's advocate. I would think that this competition would be good because they are only improving their land and bringing the value up.

"But how long does this stay a positive rivalry? How long until Joe starts to sabotage Sarah's flowers? How long until Pete lets his German Shepard pee on Billy's grass? These things will happen. Just as competition is a part of life, so is cheating."

"At the end of the day, people need to spend less time worrying about other people and more time worrying about themselves and what they have to do."

"So remember...What your neighbor does is not fatal, therefore it's no big deal"


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