Not Fatal Fridays!!!

"I am so sick of Stew coming in here and complaining about this. This can not wait until Friday."

What are you doing? I was going to post about this tomorrow. Seems to me like you are trying to steal my ideas.

"I think this is much better suited for a Not Fatal Friday segment."

Can not argue with that.

"So if you would excuse me I would like to start my segment now."

Be my guest.

"Sometimes Stew and I go out and we encounter a reoccurring problem. The strange thing is that we did not come across this problem much in undergrad, just from certain females. Whenever we go out to the club neither one of us likes to be wall flowers. We love to get out there and dance. There have been some nights where we dance from the moment we get in line to get into the club to when we lay down to get some much needed sleep. The difference is that we were at A&T. As all of you may or may not know, A&T is a school in the south."

I will ask the question that others want to. What does the fact that A&T is in the south have to do with anything?

"As everyone knows, there is a big difference between northern and southern people. I am only interested in the difference between northern and southern females. The focus is on one particular issue that I can't understand."

"Why is it that a dance means so much to northern girls? In the north it seems like dancing is look at more like a courtship than a dance. Growing up, and in college, when I danced with someone, it was just that...a dance and nothing more. I have pulled really wild stunts on the dance floor, but once the dance is finished then there is nothing more to it. I just can not understand why northern females can not look at it the same way. It boggles my mind. It's almost like dancing is equivalent to sex, if you dance with one girl then you had better not try and dance with her friend. They will throw a hissyfit and look at you like you just killed a kitten with a newborn riding on its back. "

That is pretty frustrating. Almost makes you not want to dance at all.

"So this is my public service announcement to all the northern females who look at dancing like it is the first step towards marriage..."

"A guy dancing with you, your friend, or anyone is not fatal, therefore it's no big deal."



K. Denise said...

Im mad i know exactly what you are talkin about. Ive seen it happen lol.

MsPuddin said...

crackin up. so you mean to tell me that after a dance we re not together? damn. *tear* lol I need to go down south...never been...light skin girls get hated on in the south...

Raw Thoughts said...

Those northern girls are too floozy and loose with theirs! Too fast and quick! Its that metro mentality!

Anonymous said...

douglass, state college is definitely not an accurate representation of all northern grls so i'm going to have to disagree with you my friend...i know plenty of northern grls, as i am technically a northern grl myself, and one dance has never been that serious to any one of us, we like to get down just like everybody else...i could be wrong but i think you may be hating a bit on us northern grls...we are really not so bad...lol

Stew said...

@k - glad you feeling me

@ms.puddin - we love all women in the south

@raw - i know nothing of the "metro mentality". thanks for the update.

@melly - i am not making this statement from just SC, i am making it from all of my experiences. i try not to talk about what i don't know about

Anonymous said...

if you say so, but my theory is that douglass may be somewhat of an exaggerator...if dancing with northern grls is causing him that much strife tell him to go back to nc, chill out, and have some water ice...oops, i mean shaved snow cone, or whatever the heck y'all call it...you stay trying to diss northerners...tsk, tsk

MsPuddin said...

the guys do,but not the females...

Stew said...

@melly - what else have i EVER said about northern folks?

@ms.puddin - can't argue with that