Not Fatal Fridays!!!

"You know, for a guy that live by the motto 'Unless it fatal, it's no big deal' Stew seems to let weird little thing bother him. So I guess that makes him a hypocrite. I can't believe I have to share a blog with a hypocrite."

The way I see it, if it was not for me you would not be on a blog in the first place. And what little things do I let bother me?

"Thanks for asking, because today's NFF is directed at you."

Here we go.

"It's safe to say that everyone has one little thing about the opposite sex that just does not sit well with them. For example, I can't stand going shopping with women. I don't know what it is, I just can't stand it. Women are marathon shoppers, and can bounce from store to store all day with no rest. After about 20 minutes I get sick of standing."

"Stew on the other hand takes this same concept to a different level. There is one thing that he can not deal with no matter how hard he tries. The sad part is that it is not something that women do exclusively... EVERYONE does it. What's worse is that he did not know that women did this until he was like 9."

Now why would you go and tell these people this? I doubt that they would even want to know this.

"You hush. Now you all may be wondering what it is that the 'genius' was oblivious of until he was damn near a teenager."

"Going number 2"

"Weird right? Stew does not like the notion of women doing this. He doesn't want to hear about it, smell it, think about it, hell he barely accepts the fact that women sit on the toilet to do more than pee."

Thanks a lot Douglass. Now our readers are going to think that I am some kind of weirdo.

"Chances are, they already have that idea in their heads."

"So from me to you Stew, I would like to say, women taking a dump is not fatal, there for it's no big deal."


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