No Matter What I Do...

It is very hard to be me sometimes.  Very few people in this world have the same experience that I have.

"I have said it before and I will say it again.  You are not as great as you think you are."

Of course you would say that.  Your entire reason for existence is to be a thorn in my side, and I thank you for that.

"That makes no sense."

With you being as negative and condecending as you are, it makes me feel SO good when I do something amazing.

"Safe to assume you are going to b
ore us with some pathetic story about something that you think you did well."

You know me so well.  You would not be a good alter ego if you d
id not.

I realized years ago that no matter what I do I am really good at it.  Most times I am good at it without trying to be.  For example, this past weekend my class went on a field trip to Green Lake in Fayetteville, New York.

"TIMEOUT.  Field trip?  I thought you were in grad school, why are you taking field trips?"

*Ignorance tuned out*

While we were on the field trip I took the opportunity to try my hand at nature photography.  Instead of me telling you how great the pictures were, I will just show you.

Then we went to this waterfall.

This last one is just me showing off.

Damn it is tough to be me.



Jaded said...

Wow. Those are awesome. I actually thought the first pic of u in front of the waterfall was the Queens Staircase in the Bahamas. Nice.

Jaded said...

I too have been on field trips as a grad (well law) student.

Can you say maximum security prison...lol.

niki.mac said...

stew!! these pictures are amazing!
my favorite are the ones over the lake; the stillness of the water is ethereal!!

and i love the last two... the plays with light are so perfect!

Lina said...

Stew...pics are hot!! But just to be an ass (and support Douglas a little bit) I have heard that its not as hard as taking pictures of nature cause it doesn't move...now people...different story.

kayellejaye said...

Good stuff. I really need to invest in a camera one of these days.

Anonymous said...
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Stew said...

@jaded - i wish i was in the bahamas. but i am glad i am not in prison.

@niki - why can't you use words that i understand? i always feel so stupid when i talk to you. but it does not matter as long as you recognize the talent

@lina - gosh, you are an ass....just tear me down why don't?!?!? but i get your point. bad thing is, i dont know what a good picture of people looks like

@kayelle - i have had one for a couple of years and i barely use it. it was a gift. you should not waste your money if you are not sure that you are going to use it a lot

@shanelle - not bad??? don't try to down play my masterpieces. they are much better than "not bad". one day you will give me the props i deserve

Don said...

Great pics.

I was thinking to myself upon seeing the initial pic that the waterfall had it going on. Then I read and scroll down and you came with even more pics. Green Lake and Chittenango Falls have it going on.

Too funny @ ignorance tuned out.

karrie b. said...

awwww man stew. like, you are SO hot. i never realized how hot you were. mmmmmmm.

yeah the nature stuff was cool too i guess. i was more interested in stew.


12kyle said...

nice pics, stew

you have some talent and a good eye, bruh

1/3 said...

LOL @ this post. Those pics are amazing. You def are talented:-)

kid.a said...

i like the pics bro...man you a pretty good photographer!

and lol at the ignorance turned out...

oh yeah...there is a fayetteville, New York???

i.can't.complain. said...

i like the waterfall

not a big fan of nature, in general

but u made it look cool


Ms. LeMelle said...

nice pictures...makes me want to go camping!

Ms. LeMelle said...

p.s.~ why do have to be such an arse about EVERYTHING! i think you like the attention but some humble pie every now and wouldn't hurt...lol

Stew said...

@don - i was extremely impressed the whole time i was there. it is a very beautiful place

@kb - stop it....ur making me blush

@kyle - thanks man.

@1/3 - i felt talented after taking these

@kid - yeah i was surprised that there was a fayetteville there too. does not fit the "new york" stigma

@-1- - maybe u will go outside and play a bit

@lamelle - we are not a big pie fans

Dana said...


Stew said...

@dana - thank you kindly

Eb the Celeb said...

beautiful pics!

Muze said...

great pics stew!

and lmao @ it being tough to be you.

i think you and i have that same problem. lol.