Is it real?

How many of you believe in something that has no explanation?  Outside of religion, how many of you believe in ghosts, aliens, and stuff like that?  No just physical stuff, but just certain beliefs about a given situation.

"I think the word you are looking for is superstition genius."

Thanks Douglass, that's a good place to st...

"That's King Douglass to you peasant."


Seriously, how many of you are superstitious? Show of hands.  

What if when you did step on a crack you got a call from the hospital saying that your mother had suffered a broken back.  Would you believe it then, or would it just be a terrible coincidence?  What if when you broke a mirror your life was hell for 7 years, but after that 7 years you hit the lottery?  I bet you would steer clear of mirrors for the rest of your life.  What if knocking on wood really kept you from jinxing yourself?  People would start walking around with wooden slabs in they pockets/purses/backpacks.

"So all of a sudden you are superstitious?  I thought you did not believe in stuff like that.  As I recall, you have been calling it 'stupidsticious' since you were a child.'

No, I am not very superstitious at all, but there is one unexplained phenomenon that I think the WORLD agrees exists......


I am going to warn everyone right now.  If I EVER fall completely off of the grid, it will be because karma is coming for me, or it has already taken me out.  I have a very compelling argument against karma and why I think the concept is complete nonsense, but I can also argue for the existence of karma.  I will just give the main points for and against karma.

Against: All karma does if play off of the fact that good and bad things happen to everyone in the world.  The only reason the idea of karma exists is because people want to wish bad things on bad people without feeling like a bad person.  This way their karma would not go into the negative.

For:  The world needs balance.  If someone does something bad then that person should have something bad happen to them.  (For the fans of Full Metal Alchemist, think equivalent exchange)  The argument for karma is just that simple.

"Ok... so all of that to say... what?"

If karma exists then it is going to come a me with a vengeance.  So far in my life I have not had a lot of hardship, but I have hurt plenty of feelings and pisses bunches of people off.  Recently, I have hurt enough feelings to last a few years.  During this latest session of hurt feelings, I have been hurt as well, but it just does not balance out.

Karma, if you are out there,  I am waiting for you.  I must warn you that I am a fighter, and I will stand strong until one of us come out the victor.



Don said...

I couldn't help but laugh at your words for Karma. I can't speak for anyone else, but I believe it to be real. I didn't always feel that way but Karma made me a believer.

I'm not superstitious.

Lina said...

I wouldn't say that Im superstitious, but I definitely believe in karma. And I loved equivalent exchange (I didn't know any other black person that knew about Full Metal Alchemist).

Nik said...

I always, "knock on wood" to steer away from jinx'n myself. I guess, it's out of habit though from doing it as a child.

Some superstitions I don't believe in, like splitting the pole or breaking a mirror. I guess, it's silly to think that knocking on wood is any better, but whatever.

1/3 said...

LOL I knock on wood when I say something overly confidently..not really superstious tho lol

I belive in Karma..well reaping what you sow. You have to believe that ppl will be punished for their wrongdoing. It all goes with God saying "revenge is mine". Karma in a sense is letting something go and letting fate deal with that person..imo anyway lol

Ms. LeMelle said...

karma has an excellent memory... good thing you're a "fighter"

kayellejaye said...

I knock on wood all the time. And I always see Karma in action. It's pretty funny actually.