Can You Compare The Two???

A little while ago I wrote about the average black man. I think this video plays into what I was talking about.

Tell me what you think.



niki.mac said...

i really liked this.

i think Black manhood is constantly evolving in the US... and I think that there will always be a dichotomy like this, and i'm not sure how to bridge the gap between the two.... i mean, i have some ideas, but to create a method would take a LOT of unity and collective work.

thanks for sharing!

Eb the Celeb said...

I dont think they can be compared but I appreciate the dynamic. This was really good. Jenali Cobb really spoke the truth!

kayellejaye said...

Good video. Unfortunately 50cent represents the avg black man in a lot of people's eyes. They don't realize how complex black men really are. Like they said...suits in the daytime, baggy jeans at nite.