When I Go Shopping

I am not into shoes at all, but I know that they are essential to make a good outfit.  Thanks to people like Kid. A and Niki, these multicolored shoes caught my eye.  I am normally very strict about the color shoes I but because I never know if I have clothes to go with them or not.  I am fairly sure I have clothes that go with these though.

As for the title of this post, when I go shopping I ALWAYS find stuff that I like for a low price. Guess how much I paid for these shoes put together..... go ahead, I will give you a second.

I paid less than $55 for both of them, not $55 a piece, $55 together.  This is how I shop.  Some of you are probably not impressed, but I am always happy with the things that I buy.

"I'm not impressed.  Personally I don't like them."

I like them, but I am curious to know what you folks think about them.  Good decision, bad decision, you do not really care.  Let me know something.



niki.mac said...

these are perfect for you! and yes i can make u a new banner whenever!

Lina said...

Dude...theyre hot...I guess. But I only say that because they have to complete an outfit.

Oh, and since you get such good deals...I may need to take you shopping with me.

kayellejaye said...

I like the Pumas the best.

Finotem said...

Stew, do some work.

12kyle said...

i'm feelin the adidas!

Stew said...

niki - thanks. we gotta talk about a new idea for the banner

@lina - everyone says that they want to take me with them, or to find stuff for them cheap. i can do it, just takes patience. let me know the time and place, and I will be there to help

@kayelle - they are pretty nifty arent they

@finotme - shut up!!!

@kyle - unique color combo right??

kid.a said...

when it comes to style its all about what you are comfortable in...not labels or trends. i think the shoes are nice and suit you...and for puma and adidas for$55 you can't beat that.

so the real question is...if you don't spend your money on clothes, what do you spend your money on??? everybody has their vice...one of mine just happens to be clothes...

to be honest i've toned my shopping on clothes down significantly compared to when i was in college. the ironic thing is...i have more $$$ now, than i did in college....lol...go figure.