Douglass' Weekly Sex Tip

*whistle blows*

Personal foul.  Illegal use of teeth.  Violator will be assessed a two date penalty.  No fooling around until three dates from now.

*red flag hits sex ref in the face*

We have a challenge on the field.  Yet again, coming from Douglass.

"There is no way that biting in the bedroom should be illegal.  If anything biting should be encouraged.  There is a certain aspect of pleasure that come along with pain.  Well, not always, but in intimate situations this almost always holds true.  Ladies you know what I am talking about.  When HE is hitting that spot, and it 'hurts so good'.  (Disclaimer: I have never, nor do I ever, want to be penetrated in the same fashion as a woman is.  I can't speak for Stew though.) The pain that you would experience from biting would be similar to that.  But don't restrict yourself to just biting.  Scratching, hair pulling, pinching, slapping....just go crazy with it.  All of those little things can enhance an intimate experience tenfold."

"I am not saying go out there and punish someone, even though if you are into the dominatrix thing then more power to you.  All I am saying is a little pain can go a long way."

"Try it.  Go out and bite someone, then ask to be bitten.  If you don't like it then I will guarantee your money back.  Well....since you didn't pay for this in the first place, I will probably tell you that you did it wrong, and that you should go back and try it again until you get it right."



karrie b. said...

i actually bite people all the time. people that i'm comfortable with, that is.

i think it's a leo thing.


niki.mac said...

armon loves to bite... i think its a childhood compulsion carrying over into adulthood haha

Stew said...

@kb - leo is the lion right? you could be on to something

@niki - i would appreciate it if you did not tell me the ins and outs of your sex life with armon. i look at you like a sister and i would much rather you not give me those details.

kid.a said...

lmao @ niki...

yea i've been biting ppl since pre-k. i guess niki is right.

but i agree biting in the bedroom is necessary.

Jaded said...

I love biting!!!

12kyle said...

i'm with you, stew!

if you wanna bite something...get a sandwich!

One Man’s Opinion said...

I like to be bitten...Hey, wait a minute....That's none of your business!

niki.mac said...

lol i actually wasn't talking about sex at all... armon bites me anytime, anywhere.

Mista Jaycee said...

Gotta follow that Kama Sutra! Oh Yeah!

MsPuddin said...

I don't mind biting, but stay away from my clit and my ears!

Stew said...

@kid - you must have been a popular person with the gals then huh?

@jaded - dont we all

@kyle - i think you missed the point. i am PRO bite

@one man - no no its ok. now there is another guy in the club

@niki - oh. well thanks for clearing that up

@jaycee - im trying to get more into Kama Sutra.

@puddin - those spots arent bad places to bite...just gotta be gentle

kayellejaye said...

I like to be nibbled...not bitten. Pain is not pleasure.

Muze said...

i'm with kayelle. nibble, don't bite.

...then again, bites can be cool sometimes. lol.

ms.uncensored said...

i like biting.

my bf likes it too.

i guess it works for us. lol

Lina said...

I absolutely adore being bitten...the harder the better, but I don't do it unless the other party says ok.