4 Days Left....

For those of you who have been wondering: 'When is Stew going to let us check out the mixtape?' (And I know it has been all of you). I have decided that I am going to drop a single on Tuesday.  Everyone else seems to drop their music on Tuesday so I decided that I would too.  I am in the process of choosing which song I am going to drop, but I am leaning towards Crazy Ass Dreams.  Niki has asked me to allow her to reveal the music so I have decided to let her introduce me to the world.  So on Tuesday, go to singlebubblepop.blogspot.com so you can hear my first single.

"No one wants to hear that crap."

Well if they do not want to hear it, then they do not have to listen.  It is for those of you who want to hear it.

So remember, Tuesday is the day you have all been waiting for.

Actually I am a little nervous.



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kid.a said...

you shouldn't be nervous...i told you before that i like em' and i'm sure i'm not the only person to have said that...in fact i know i'm not.

only 2 days left...