I Got a Question...

First off I want to send a shout out to our new president.  I know he reads my blog so I want to make sure that I show him so love.

WHAT'S HAPPENING BARACK!!! (yeah we are on a first name basis)

Now can you please get off my back.  You got your shout out.  Don't you have a country to run, go and sign some treaties or something.

"If the man wants you to show him some love then show him some love, he is the president you know.  If I were him I would have you shipped of somewhere.  But then again I would have you shipped off anyway."

Violence never solves anything Douglass.

"Who said anything about being violent.  I would sedate you, put you in a box, then have you send to South America somewhere."

Good luck with that.


I was thinking about all the cool perks that come with being the president.  You get 24 hour care, you do not have to pay for anything for 4, possibly 8, years so on and so forth.  In my personal opinion, one of the best perks that come with being the president is you get to add anything to the White House that you want.  For example, Obama said that he is going to add a basketball court.  This is a great idea.  He love to play ball, so he should not have to go to the local gym and risk assassination, he can just invite some folks over and play.  

Which leads to my question...

If you were president, what would you add to the white house?

I the first thing that came to my mind, go-kart track.  I do not want to go-karts that you ride at Putt-Putt, I want the ones that go 30 mph and you have to wear a helmet.  I would get my go-kart specially made my NASA so they could put a rocket on the back.  I would not lose.  Everyone would be like 'Man President Stew be cheating!!!'  and then I would say 'It's not my fault I have the rocket kart.  If you want one, become president.'  Then I would laugh and speed away on my rocket kart.

I love my imagination.



niki.mac said...

this is super girlie but i would definitely add a full spa!! i'm talking hair, manicure, pedicure, massage, sauna, all of that.

maybe some acupuncture and hot stone therapy too.... mmmmm

kid.a said...

i agree w/ niki...that was definitely super girlie.

i co sign w/ you, stew...the white house needs a go kart track.

man its tough b/c the white house has pretty everything you would need and if it doesn't you can go and get it...

although i would pre-screen movies before they came out. i would be watching everything a few months before they came out multiple times...and the theater would have to be an IMAX screen...no film, straight digital!