Douglass' Weekly Sex Tip

"FINALLY!!! KING DOUGLASS HAS COME BACK......TO BLOGSPOT. (That's a small wrestling reference to those of you who did not catch on.) I have been waiting and waiting to make my triumphant return, and now I am back.  Is there a better way to return than on my own personal segment? I don't think so."

So are you satisfied?  Are you happy that you have finally made your comeback?

"I thought you were sleep?"

I will not classify you crushing up a sleeping pill and putting it in my drink as 'sleep'.

"What makes you think I had anything to do with that?"


"Well if I did it....then technically you did."


"Well I am assuming that your silence mean I can begin."

"Hopefully, this week's topic will open a few minds, and lead some of you to step out of you sexual comfort zone and try something new.  If you ask me, sex is all about exploring the limits of your body.  It's about finding the things you do like, and exploring the things you thought you would never do.  So let's jump right into it"

"The anus.  Most people are not very receptive to the idea of the anus playing a part in sex, but if stimulated properly the anus can provide a great amount of pleasure for both men and women.  I know most men will not dare have anything come close to their anus, I would even assume that washing themselves provides great discomfort.  (I wonder if these same people have to say 'no homo' as they touch their naughty places)"

"I have always been curious to hear why people are so against anything anal related.  I understand there are the obvious reasons, like 'That's where feces comes from' & 'It smells back there'.  These, like all the other issues, can be solved by simply washing well.  Another problem that frequently comes up is pain.  The only way to get past that is to take it slow.  I am not saying the first time you decide to experiment you should just go crazy, you should do just enough so that you are comfortable, then take it a little further each time you decide to try it again.  Eventually you will get to a point where you are completely comfortable, and then you can really begin to enjoy it.  Lastly, most guys are worried about it being gay.  OF COURSE IT WOULD BE GAY IF YOU HAD A GUY BANGING YOU OUT.  But never have I heard of a woman giving a man pleasure being called gay.  Simple enough."

"In closing, the next time you have a curiosity about anything anal related, think about what you have read here."

"You will thank me later."



Lina said...

Well...Ok. Wow. Picture and everything, hunh? Thanks Douglas. Personally I have tried it (on me not on them) and I am not partial to it. In the event that I get a committed long-term managamous partner, I'd be open to anything they were open to, as long as its 'enema-type' clean.

niki.mac said...

you are so stupid for that diagram. lol

kid.a said...

to be honest i fast forward through anal scene in porno's...not a big fan of the anal scenes...so i know i'm not interested in doing it in real life...

i'm sure it gives some type of pleasure (for some) but according to doctor drew...to much anal is no good, its an unhealthy (after a while)...

not an exact quote but that is the gist of it...