You have lost my support

I like Mark Walhberg.

"I always knew you liked men.  Let it be known, sTeW likes men.  I always knew you had it in you.  I'm glad you finally made the decision to come out."

I am four words into this and you are already being an asshole.

"Isn't that why I'm here?"

You are here to provide support, a different perspective, insight, not ridicule me.

"Well you gotta take the good with the bad.  Like Peter Griffin said 'You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and now you have, my opening statement."

Yeah well I need for you to shut up for a second so I can get started.

Like I was saying....I like Mark Walhberg.  I think he does very well with the roles that he decides to take.  Even though he was a part of possibly the worst movie ever made, The Happening, I think he still did a very good job with what he was given.  He also did well in Max Payne, it was not his fault that the movie was two steps from horrible.

I am not here to talk about Mark Wahlberg in particular.  This is about another movie he did, The Italian Job.  This is one of my favorite movies.  I think Mos Def is a damn fool, Seth Green was funny, and Jason Statham did a good job as Hansom Rob.  Ed Norton.....that is all that needs to be said.....Ed Norton.

Again, I am not here to talk about the actors in the movie, I want to talk about the end of the movie.  The writers of the movie make you like the characters even though they are nothing but a gang of thieves.  Generally, people look down on criminal, but in the movie world they can be portrayed as the heroes.  So, at the end of the movie The Napster creates a huge traffic jam that allow him to direct the armored car the direction that they want it to go in.  How do he accomplish this?  He changes the stoplights so that innocent people get into car accidents.  What most people do not think about is: What happens to the poor people out there trying to get to work, pick their kids up, or cheat on their spouse?  They are out there just minding their business trying to obey traffic laws and they hit someone, while Mark Wahlberg & Mos Def are off somewhere else getting rich. In my personal opinion they should donate some of that money to those who were affected by their greed.  Who is supposed to pay for that huge hole they put in the road?  The taxpayers, that is who.  How am I supposed to root for these guys if they are going to make my taxes go up by blowing a huge hole in the road?

"You do understand that it's just a movie don't you?  It's not real.  There are very few things about that movie that is plausible."

It is about the principle.  I am not going to give my support to a bunch of crooks who give back nothing to the people who were affected by their thievery . 

"If you are going to complain about this kind of thing maybe you should stop watching movies."

I just want to give you people something to think about.

You know I have a point.



kid.a said...

true true...i would be mad as hell if i found out the reason why i got into a traffic accident was b/c someone was getting revenge on someone else for stealing someone else's stuff...

i'm sure ppl (in Italian Job) went to the hospital, paid daycare late fees, got fired (traffic controller)...but we are tricked into not caring about those ppl b/c they show the general public as rude and dumb muth@f*ckers...

For example, in Italian Job, the guy who is practicing a script in his car who holds up traffic, then runs a red light...

but it was a good movie tho...

I like the way the Ocean's 11, 12, and 13 movies are told...the good guys (and general public) win (especially in Oceans 13) while the bad guys lose...

Stew said...

i was going to contrast it with ocean's 13, but got sick of writing. that is very true, they look out for the people they did wrong. unlike those asses in italian job

niki.mac said...

yea these are some of my favorite moves too... and they are all based on this one Italian movie I watched while I was in Italy called "I Soliti ignoti" or "the usual suspects" (They made an American version too...)

It was the first movie where the criminals were the protagonists... and it's pretty funny, even in Italian!