They are only jokes...

Going to the bar for happy hour is a tradition for many people.  I guess it makes sense in some sense.  You get off work after a long day, the first thing you want to do is relax a little.  What better way to relax than to have a few drinks at half price.  Even though drinking mid-afternoon brings about all kinds of problems, it's still a good way to relax after work.

"Drinking is fun isn't it? I remember this one time I was drunk and met this girl.  She had the bigge..."

I am going to stop you right there Douglass.  There is no need for you to 'grace' us with one of your fascinating stories.  We should save that for another day.

"Whew...That was one crazy night. You should have seen what she did she stuck a whole eggplant..."

STOP RIGHT THERE!!!  Thanks Douglass, but not today.

Getting to the point.

Yesterday, Jesus De Luca, his room mate Freebird, and I went to a bar after everyone was finished for the day.  Well I was not finished yet, but I can not pass up a trip to the bar.  When we got there I sat beside this guy that looked like he just came out of a intense finger paint/aerobic session.  Turns out him and his brother are painters, and they are here painting one of the buildings on campus.  I have said it before, the reason why stereotypes exist, is because they are true.  These guys were your stereotypical Irish-Americans.  I am not exactly sure what they stereotype consists of, but I do know they were drinking, loud, and telling jokes.

"Yep, that just about does it.  That is what they say the typical Irish guy is like.  Not Irish chicks though.  Like this one Irish chick I met once.  She put the 'free' in freak.  She had this sex swing, and she would let me..."


They were some funny guys.  Really nice guys, and told some really good jokes.  They had us dying.  Everything was going fine, they were making dumb blond jokes, Irish jokes, all kinds of ignorance.  Now....most times I am the only POC (Person of Color), so it is always easy to tell when the mood shifts and a racial joke is about to get thrown out.  The one saying it always prefaces it with something like:

OK. This is a horrible joke.  
Don't get mad at me about this one.

I never stop anyone from telling a joke, because they are meant to be funny, depending on who is telling them.  

This is the racial joke that he told.  Tell me if you think this is funny.

Sarah Palin got an offer from Playboy to pose and be the centerfold.  
She was offered 10 million dollars.  She turned it down.
Michelle Obama got the same offer but,
It was from National Geographic.

You know how you got those jokes that you only tell people of your own race because you are not sure how the race you are picking on is going to take it???

I think these are one of those jokes that should stay amongst our melanin free counterparts. 


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Lina said...

Yea....so not funny. Thats definitely one of those jokes that only white people would think was funny.

But for real, I want to hear those stories Douglas mentioned. LOL