Everything Serves a Purpose

If God were to ask me:

 'Stew, if you could ask me to get rid of anything in this world what would it be?'

Without hesitation my answer would be, GNATS!!!!

"So you could not have given a more humane answer?  Like AIDS, war, or world hunger?  How about clean water for eternity?  Hell, asking him to get rid of whatever it is that make women insane would have been a better answer than gnats."

Yet again you jump in before I get to the main point.

"Please continue."

But, there is a chance that if we get rid of gnats then the world's ecosystem would be destroyed.  The fact that gnats are still living and have not gone extinct means that they serve some kind of purpose. They are a very low part of the food chain, but a part of it nonetheless.  More times than not if you mess with the food chain, humans suffer.  We can be affected directly or indirectly.

"This is not 6th grade biology, we all know about the damn food chain.  I am hoping you did not pull me out of bed to talk about the DAMN FOOD CHAIN!?!"

Lately I have been watching a lot of Fox News.  Whenever I tell someone that, the response is always the same.

'How do you watch that?'


'I hate Fox News.'

I do not necessarily like to watch it, but I feel like I NEED to watch it.  To me, Fox News serves a higher purpose than delivering the news for a Republican point of view.  To me, Fox News keeps me informed about how our melanin-free counterparts actually think.  The good thing about Fox News and their personalities is that they are able to say exactly what they are thinking and they do not have to worry about how it will affect their jobs or the people around them.  Of course they can say EXACTLY what they want, but they get their point across without saying the things they REALLY want to say.  You do not have to say NIGGER to call someone a NIGGER.  They do a great job reminding us that we are not that far removed from inequality, and injustice, and if we do not be careful things could go right back to the way they were.  Though all of our melanin-free counterparts do not have the same political views as those from Fox News, I think enough of them have the same social views.

Fox News should not be watched for the actual content or journalistic integrity.  They should be watched to educate yourself on how the other side of the fence REALLY feels.

Thank you Fox News for continuing to give me the inside scoop.  Please do not change how you operate, because if you do then I will have to start believing that we are in a post-racial America.



augusta said...

so, you'd rather get of gnats than lets say, roaches?

MsPuddin said...

gnats? I've noticed there has been a lot of passing out on FOX news lately LOL

Stew said...

@augusta - roaches do not bother me. plus roaches play a big part in some ecosystems, like caves with a lot of bats. they are not as annoying as gnats

@puddin - you mean people physically passing out? how have i missed this??

kid.a said...

how about getting rid of annoying insect in general: gnats, roaches, ants, mosquitos, etc...

but i agree w/ you stew fox news is the worst and it is a good reminder that we are not that far removed from inequality, and injustice, and if we do not be careful things could go right back to the way they were.

to tell you the truth i had to take a break from watching the news...i haven't watched the news heavily since Nov. 4th...besides the news can be so discouraging...