Rapper Turnt Actor Turnt Crazy Person Turnt Rapping Actor

Cradle 2 the Grave...Exit Wounds...Romeo Must Die...Never Die Alone

What do these three movies have in common?

"If we don't guess will you promise not tell us?"

DMX play a big role in all of them.

"Why is that important?"

In my personal opinion, DMX is not a bad actor.  He might be one of the better acting rappers out there.  The only rappers turned actors that are better that I can think of are Common, Mos Def, and Andre 3000.  Common and Mos Def were already on a different level because "conscience rap" genre gives them a different mindset, and Andre 3000 is just a born performer. But as far as "gansta" rappers go, he is by far the best.

"That's like saying 2 is more than 1, yeah it's the truth, but does it really mean anything?"

It means a lot.  Many rappers have tried to make that transition and have not done the greatest job.  50 was ok in Get Rich or Die Trying, but did not do all that well in Righteous Kill.  Normally I like everything that Ludacris does, but his performance in Max Payne was not up to his usual standards.  LL Cool J has been in many movies, but he never really convinces me that he is the person he is supposed to be playing, I feel like he is just playing the person (though he did a really good job on the episode of House he was on).  These are just a few of the rappers that have dipped into acting, and I think DMX is better than all of them. 

On Friday night I saw Never Die Alone for the first time, and I was amazed by how good the movie was.  It solidified the fact that DMX is a really good actor and he could have had a really good career if he had not COMPLETELY nuts.

"DMX is my kinda guy.  He does what he wants when he wants regardless of what type of trouble he will get in.  How many people you know can be drunk and on drugs at an airport and still have the presence of mind to impersonate a police officer.  When I am drunk I have a hard time completing a sentence, much less trying to impersonate someone.  Even through all of his legal trouble he has still been making movie.  He will be in the Belly sequel, and he has a couple of albums coming out pretty soon.  The most interesting thing about his musical endeavors is that he will be dropping a gospel album.  This should not surprise many people since he takes time out on all of his albums to pray.  He is just a dynamic guy... troubled but dynamic."

I think I will always like DMX because It's Dark and Hell is Hot is the first rap album that I ever really paid attention to.  Before then I did not really listen to music outside of my parent's car, and all they listened to was music from the 60's 70's and 80's.  When I rode with my mom she would turn to the hip-hop station, but all she wanted to hear were R&B songs, so I was not really exposed to rap.  Only bad thing about the version of DMX that I heard is that it was edited and I had no idea.  I was going around thinking that that was the way the songs were supposed to sound.

"So you were pretty stupid even before I started coming around huh?"

If you have not seen Never Die Alone, go rent it, download it, or stream it.  Just watch it and tell me what you think.



niki.mac said...

You forgot DMX's best movie: BELLY! A true classic. It really is a shame what's happened to him.... such a talent lost!

Stew said...

@niki - i did not forget about belly. to be honest, i have never seen belly. therefore i was not sure how big of a role he played in the movie. i know i know...i suck

Lina said...

I would venture to say that DMX comes in a close second to Tupac...I've seen a lot of his movies and he was one of the best.

kid.a said...

50 was in Righteous Kill??

Luda was in Max Payne??

LL was in...wait what was the last movie he was in???

I haven't seen Never Die Alone but i've heard good reviews about it...i'll have to check it out.

I agree w/ Niki Belly is definitely a classic...i suggest you check it out. Although Nas did a terrible job (acting) in the movie everyone else pretty much shines in that movie.

I would also have to agree w/ Lina, Tupac then DMX.