Let's Recap


Has it been a whole month since I have posted?

"That's what it's looking like."

That is really not a good look for me.  I would assume that most of my readers think that I am dead or something.

"Wouldn't that be nice."

You do understand that if I die then you cease to exist also?

"Small price to pay."

As you can see Douglass is still the asshole that he has always been, so that is one thing that has not changed.

But some things have change, and some additions have been made.  Let's go over them:

-I have decided to let my facial hair grow out.  This is pretty exciting for me because I am
 trying to see if I can fight the urge to cut it off.

-My windshield is now officially cracked.  It had a tiny crack in it for about a year and a half
 but now that tiny little crack has spread over 3/4 of the windshield.  Needless to say, I am 
 pissed, but I knew the day would come.  Damn PA winters.

-Mixtape is still coming soon.  I just need more beats.  Maybe I will drop another single 

-I have been going to these two websites too much lately sporcle.com & mentalfloss.com.
 Both of these websites are for people who have and extensive amount of knowledge about 
 lots of stuff and want to test how much they know.  Also, if you want to learn a bunch of 
 needless stuff you can go there too.

-Looks like I am on track to get out of here in December.  Only bad thing about that is that 
 now is not the best time to be looking for a job.  The only comfort that I have is that my 
 area is highly specialized and there is a shortage of people who do what I do.

-Sadly I am WAY too invested in reality TV right now.  I Love Money, For the Love of Ray
 J, Making the Band...ect. I am very disappointed in myself right now.

-Tomorrow is my one year anniversary.  I have officially been blogging for one year.  
 Normally this would be something to celebrate, but in a year's time I have not been able to
 find 100 topics to blog about.  I need to stop taking so much time off.

-I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, but some of the people that normally read
 have disappeared (just like I did).  So I need some suggestion of some good blogs to go to.
 Someone please help me.

I think that does it.

"You are a really boring person.  You need to let me do my thing again."


We promise.



Lina said...

Welcome back...am invading sporkle in 3..2..1.....

Knowledge of The Union said...

Don't cut the hair. If you can get used to it, it's great. My beard is my best friend

Trouble finding beats or do you just need to put in the work to get more?

Reality TV is a disease

kid.a said...

yea drop another single!

graduating in December?!?! good stuff bro...what area are you in again?

reality has been taking over cable and ppl for years....don't worry everyone gets caught up in it...i did but after rehab i was better..lol

congrats on blogging for a year! i've been doing it for about 1yr and 1/2 now

yea i've been slacking on the posting too...not sure why but it seems like everyone else did too...

good post and good update...