Night Owl...Isn't that a little redundant???

"What are you still doing up?  Don't you have to teach at 10 in the morning?"

I did just get finished grading papers, but you would not know that because all you ever do is sleep.  If you are not eating, drinking or watching TV then you are sleep.  You are probably the most worthless person I know.

"This may be true, but what would you do without me?  You would never have any fun.  You would stuck in you lame ass lifestyle.  I bring excitement to your life and you know it."

Go back to sleep.

A little known fact about me...I hate sleeping.

If I could live the rest of my life and never have to sleep again I would.  I think it started when I was younger because I would never dream.  If I remember correctly all I would ever see was black, or just an assortment of colors.  As I got older I started to dream more, and I started remembering my dreams.  This is where the problems start.

I have an overactive imagination, and the best place for all of wildest fantasies to play out is in my dreams.  For example, the one thing I REALLY want to be is a superhero.  We all know that "superpowers" do not exist, but I still would love to have one...or some.  So I had a dream that I could shoot lightning from my fingertips.  I was very excited by this.  It was not until the next day that I realized that I DID NOT have superpowers and it was all just a dream.  Which brings us to my next issue with dreaming, they ALWAYS feel so real.

I do not know what it is like for other people's dreams, but if I had to guess, I would guess that my dreams feel more real than anyone else's.  I feel like I am actually thinking and making decisions in my dreams.

(Does that happen to any of you?)

Sometimes I actually wake up tired from all of the excitement of my dreams.  If I am going to wake up as tired as I was when I went to sleep, then what is the point of sleeping.

To be honest there is no real benefit to being up all night.  The one thing that I HATE the most about being up late, is that there is NEVER anyone up at the same time as me.  Here it is 4 in the morning, and I am betting that most of you are nestled tightly in your beds hugging on your significant other, or if you are single, a body pillow with the cologne/perfume of your latest escapade dancing across your nose. Those of you who are up are penetrating/getting penetrated by your significant other, or if you are single, FACE DEEP in a brand new escapade.

"Whoa whoa, hold your horses there cowboy.  Aren't you starting to go a little off subject here?  I thought you were talking about being up late, not writing a romance novel.  Get focused."

Excuse me....

Well look, all I am saying is that it sucks being up late with nothing to hold my interest.  With that being said, if you are ever up late either because you can not sleep, or you just got finished GETTING IT IN, find me.

Maybe you will tell me "how it was."



niki.mac said...

i already knew u don't like to sleep... you and DJ are the most non-sleeping people I ever met! go lay down! lol

kid.a said...

i love to sleep. in fact i would be still laying in the bed right now if i didn't have to go to work.

I have dreams that seem real all the time...where i'm actually experiencing and making decisions and stuff. most of my dreams are good dreams and not nightmares (knock on wood).

Some say if you go to sleep on a full stomach your dreams will be more vivid and colored...i think it is b/c you'll be in a deeper sleep. as opposed to when your hungry it is harder to go to sleep.