"D" is for Dilate

There was a time in my life when I wanted to be an ophthalmologist. I wanted to find a cure for glaucoma because it runs in my family. I think this is why I like going to the eye doctor's office. I like to learn about the eye and how the eye works. The last exam of each visit involves the doctor giving you eye drops that dilate your pupils. Lights become brighter, and it becomes harder to focus because the muscles that control the pupils are relaxed.

"I have never had to have my pupils dilated because my vision is perfect. 20/20. Too bad for you four eyes. HA HA HA!!!"

As I left the doctor's office, barely able to see because I had to squint, I began to think about what it means for something to be "dilated." I came up with this definition from the virtual dictionary in my head.

dilate v. to open wide and allow anything inside

This is not the standard definition that you will get from Webster's or Roget's , but this will suffice for my purposes.

"Would it have killed you to have opened a dictionary? God forbid someone coming here trying to learn something. You are going to send them away with false information. I will not be a part of this."

Good so maybe you will shut up for once.

I like to think that I have a dilated mind. A mind that will allow anything inside. A mind that is willing to learn any and everything. A curious mind. An open mind.

I think most people lack an open mind. People are unable to allow themselves to think outside of their conventional way of thinking. This is why it is hard to make progress in this world. Its seems that the only progress being made is in science. The ONLY reason why progress is being made in science is because people train themselves to open their minds and allow many different ideas to enter their conscience. I am not saying that ALL scientists are open-minded, but when it comes to science their minds are completely open.

I am going to stop now before I start rambling. I just wanted to put an idea into your head. Maybe you will understand what I am trying to say, maybe you will not.

Dilate YOUR mind.

Maybe something good will happen.



arychtexas said...

My barber said something along the lines of a open mind is a dead one or some wack stuff but...I AGREE WITH YA...people dont understand when you are stuck in routine and dont allow your mind to expand its self then you are missing out on what with world has to offer! The biggest things people are quick to reject is DIFF MUSIC GENRES and DIFF FOOD!

Eb the Celeb said...

now how the heck did going to the eye doctor bring about all this?

"Dilate your mind"
Does have a nice ring to it though!

i.can't.complain. said...

consider my mind dialated.

did i spell that right?

ure blog-rolled


12kyle said...

@ Stew
I feel you on this one bruh. We're gonna have to be dilated to receive information. We can't put up any barriers. Good post!

Stew said...

@arychtexas - someone actually said that. that is a little weird. i agree with the music and food thing.

@eb - you can't have it!!!

@-1- - i thought it was "dialated" too but the spelling is "dilated". me blogrolled??? im touched

@kyle - the flow of information has to stay constant. or else we are going to go backwards

Don said...

I think most people lack an open mind. People are unable to allow themselves to think outside of their conventional way of thinking. This is why it is hard to make progress in this world. I agree with this statement. We're all stuck in our own way, for better or worse.

Good point made.

Dana said...

What is glaucoma? I should probably look it up...the only thing I know about it is that people are sometimes prescribed weed to help them cope. Anywho...totally off topic!! Love this post! My mind is constantly going thru dilations (i made that up...I think =)). I try to keep an open mind about things...but I must admit, it takes a little work!! =) Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Not saying that i disagree with you but i would argue that philosphers are more open-minded than scientists...yes, philsophers definitely know how to diliate their minds...i would not necessarily say they "make" progress, a philosopher will never find the cure for AIDS, BUT...they are progressive in their thinking...very unconventional, well at least more so than the average person...in fact, i bet if someone had to choose an adjective to describe this post they would call it philosophical...not scientific.

kayellejaye said...

I feel ya. I'm as open minded as they come, but I think that comes with age, education, and your environment.

And, ever since I had to dissect an eyeball in anatomy class, eyeballs skeeve me the f*ck out. Thanks for the picture, Stew! lol

1/3 said...

um stew whose talking in Italics lol

wow I can say Ive never had to have my eyes dilated but in a not so literal sense I wish I could. I'm sometimes the person who thinks only my why.opening your mind to new things/experiences is a beautiful thing.

Great Post by the way:-)

Lina said...

I love this post...particularly because not only do I believe I have a dilated mind, but a dilated life. I am always open to the possibility of many things.

Oh, and glaucoma runs in my family too.