It's been a while huh???

Thanks to Niki and her damn Google Reader, I am subscribing to about 40 to 50 blogs. A lot of these blogs are written by women. I did not plan it like that, it just turns out that most of the blogs that interest me are written by women. Not only do I read the blogs, but I browse the comments that are left by other people. Again, most of the comments left, are from women.

"Sounds to me like you are trying to get deeper into the minds of women. Too bad you can't be more like me and know everything there is to know about women. That's why you never see me having any real issues, unlike yourself."

Contrary to what my misguided friend says, I never have issues with the opposite sex. I do not know why, it just turns out that way. But that is not what this is about. I have to stop letting you get me off topic.

"Without me you would just ramble on and on about crap no one cares about."

Moving on.

I have noticed something that I do not understand, and hopefully someone can help me out with. Whenever someone post about how they have not had sex in a while, there are always comments that echo the same sentiment. This is the part that I do not understand. First I will start out by saying that I understand that this is the Internet, and it is very possible that everyone is not telling the truth.

Let us pretend that no one lies for a second, and everything that goes up is truth.

If you girls out there want to have sex, then why not just do it?

I am not talking to the people who can not separate sex and emotion, so that cuts out over half of you, and I am not talking to the people who do not have casual sex, again another half of you. I am talking to the people who are comfortable with casual sex, but just are not getting any.
I understand there is a lot to consider when it comes to picking a "partner", but it seems to me like it is worth the effort.

"Although I don't disagree with you sex being worth it, you have to understand the whole process from a females' point of view. I am going to walk you through this step by step:
  1. Find a guy that is worthy of the "goodies" based on outward appearance alone (no clue of what they are packing, so it's like bobbing for apples)
  2. Get the guy to notice them without giving off the wrong impression (every female is worried about looking like a ho)
  3. See if the guy is worthy of the aforementioned "goodies" based on conversation and demeanor (if not, restart process)

    This is where every one's approach differs. Some women go straight for the kill, while other want to wait a while longer to try and get to know the guy a little better. Assuming everything goes well there are 4 things that can happen.
  1. The "package" is not up to standards and gets returned to sender.
  2. The "package" is not up to standards, but is accepted just for the hell of it.
  3. The "package" is up to standards, but is defective. (breaks down too early or is not used properly)
  4. The "package" is up to standards, and it brings you tremendous joy.
This is an annotated list, but this is basically what women go through. From what I understand the fourth option does not does not happen much."

I wonder why that is???



Brittany said...

Your not talking to me I guess..lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well let me say that I just stumbled across your blog, but I must say I enjoyed this post. But I have a question for you... Does this idea come from personal experience or objective observations, because it can't possibly come from reading females' blogs solely? Further more the fact that you are a male and telling the thought process of a female when she is anticipating mating intrigues me. Could you explain? But don’t get me wrong it is funny.

Stew said...

@brittany - this does not apply to all people

@Y&B - this comes from observations and talking to people. it is impossible for me to base this on simply reading blogs. i noticed this before i started blogging. but now that i am bogging and i am seeing people's thoughts on a regular basis, these thoughts become more valid. i have always been interested in the female thought process because it is so much different than that of a male, which is why i talk to more females about sex, and the whole process that is sex.

but i am pulling from personal experience too, not just my thoughts and reading these blogs. i got a rule that i follow: I don't talk about what I don't know about.

as far as telling the thought process of a female, i am assuming that there is so much more that goes into it. at least i am hoping that there is.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you for that in-depth explanation. I am happy to know that you think things through. I am sure that there has to be more to the process also. But a side note: Those females that aren't having sex and not because they don’t like casual sex or can’t take their emotions out of sex, could just be waiting around for the fourth package and wont settle for anything less. I once heard a person say, "I don’t take my clothes off for no reason." And in my opinion, 1-3 sound like no reasons. But I like the way you think. It makes me think in a completely new way.
Thank you

Stew said...

@Y&A - no problem. i am glad i can help u think differently. makes me feel good that someone out there is listening

karrie b. said...

i feel like this is about me somehow.


PrettyBlack said...

Do some women put that much thought into casual sex? hmmm.

Stew said...

@karrie b - if i struck a nerve, it was not intentional. just the way i see things. if it applies to you then YAY!!!!! i got it right

@PrettyBlack - you would be surprised. i promise you.

kayellejaye said...

I believe you were talking to me, honey. Being celibate just wasn't working for me so I recently followed steps 1-3 in search of a solution and I settled for package #2. He may have been enough for most, but not what I'm used to. I was pretty underwhelmed.

Btw...google reader IS the devil but I love it so.

12kyle said...

*comin' thru for tha first time*

nice blog, bruh...i'll be back

this is funny b/c i've often wondered some of the same things. lol

where were these women when I was single? lmao!!!

good post, bruh

12kyle said...

thanks for coming thru to the 12th Planet

adina renée said...

that pic is hilarious, lol.

Chris said...

Casual Sex isn't that casual when you think about it. It's very rare where the process is "hey, I want to have sex, how about you?" "Sure." And then they go on their merry way. We all tend to think of the consequences of our actions, even if it was a one-night stand.

Stew said...

@kayelle - i knew i had to be at least a little on point. sorry to hear that you had to settle. that's never a good feeling

@12kyle - thanks. i am learning from veterans like yourself.

@adina - that's why i put it up. glad you like it.

@chris - how great would it be if it were like that? well great for some, but not for others

Anonymous said...

"goodies" and "package"...hahaha, no one ever likes to use their proper names do they...also, you know i am not a hard core blog reader, so answer me this...have you come across any men who lament about not getting any in their blogs too?? my guess is no but i'm just curious...if i had a blog, which i don't, i can not see myself discussing my sex life on it, i'm not judging though, to each his/her own...if you're not getting any, i guess it is a way of filling the void.

RunGirl. said...

@4 things that can happen: that list is the truth. No 1 is hilarious!! Can't settle for less than #4, if you are just talking casual sex, but if there are feelings and emotions involved, well that's another whole story ...

Stew said...

@melly - this is a family blog. can not use harsh language. and no. no guys commenting on their sex life.

@rungirl - i agree. emotional sex is good no matter the scenario. or at least that is what i hear

Lina said...

I sometimes go without sex for extended periods of time because I wont ask for it. Its an ego thing. I suppose if I tried I could get it very often, but I literally will not ask.