Why Are You Here?

For some, blogging is a method of venting and getting their frustrations out of their bodies. Others use blogging as a way to convey information. Whether it be about the latest celebrity gossip, or how to fix a car, everyone blogs for a reason.

"I blog because you make me."


"The only reason why I ever decide to write anything is because you are sitting here at this computer all of the time. I would much rather be out somewhere around people. You know I thrive off of human contact."

Well maybe if you stage a coup d'etat and seize control of my body you will get your wish. Until then, just be happy with the fact that I allow you to express yourself.

Moving on...

I like to think that I blog to provoke thought. Now, I know that have not presented you with anything that has made you reach into the recesses of your brain and pull out some deep seeded logic. This has not been my aim. I want to provoke "everyday" kinds of thoughts. The type of thoughts that would ordinarily be discussed over a glass of wine.

Have I done this? (Not rhetorical. Answer me.)

Now, on to those who read blogs. These are the people that I am most fascinated with. Why do you read blogs? In some instances, it is obvious why you do. If you want to find out who the new HOT celebrity couple is, blogs make it easy. The best recipe for chicken pot pie, there is a blog for you. New music, movies, technology, you name it there is a blog that has it. It is obvious why people read these blogs, these are not the blogs that spark my curiosity.

I am referring to the blogs like the ones that I have listed in my "Some Folks I'm Feeling" section of my sidebar. I am referring to my blog, and any other blog out there that does not serve a "specific" purpose.

Are you fascinated by the love of art that Niki and Tuesdai Noelle display on SingleBubblePop & Another Good Thought?

Do the antics of The Karrie B. & viva.la.lohan have you lusting to hear their newest stories?

Does -1-'s personalized writing style on ..::don't call it a comeback::.. make you beg for more?

Maybe it's the way 12kyle keeps it all the way real on 12th planet.

Does MsPuddin keep you thinking "Is she that wild and crazy?" when you read A Fresh Taste of Banana Puddin? Is that why you keep going back?


We all can not wait to see where Eb the Celeb is going to end up and the story she is going to have to tell on Renaissance Black Woman.

Is it the respect you have for kid.a's straight to the point style on through my plastic glasses i see...?

These reasons and more keep me reading what I call "Life Blogs". I like to know other people's stories. I like to know what makes someone tick.

So whatever reasons you read blogs, make sure you show love to some of your favorite bloggers, and let them know that you are there.

I just did.



Q said...

Okay...You are right! I'm showing you some love now, Great blog!

ms.uncensored said...

i blog for...
....validation. for my thoughts, my actions, my tendencies. to see whether i'm really truly out of my mind. or not.
....to just. write. it's what i'm good at. what i know best. so i want to hone that talent of mine and sharpen it to perfection. in every way.
....release. i think too much. pen and paper makes my thoughts tangible. blogging. keeps them alive.

i read blogs because i'm a stalker. lol. honestly, i'm an observer of people. always have been. i love to know them inside and out. to see if they're just like me. or different. i guess.

i dislike the non-showers-of-love that lurk sans commenting. if u are one of my fave and i stalk u every day. you will surely be the first to know. which is about to be the case wit u. lol

K@LiENTe said...

thanx 4 stoppin thru, i blog because i think of random azz shyt ALL the time and K.B. suggested i create a blog because i WAS just a reader...i'm actually addicted to bloggin now. I like this post...way cool:)

Stew said...

@q - thanks man. glad to see you.

@ms.uncensored - these are the things i like to hear. passionate people like you make me glad that i decided to enter this blog world. BTW, i like being stalked

@K@LiENTe - K.B. was right in suggesting that you blog. no better way to get out the randomness.

12kyle said...

@ Stew
Preciate the love.

I blog b/c it's just a way to get shit off my chest. It's just me having a conversation. I drive around the city alot. While I'm driving...I have all kinds of thoughts. Some blog topics come up like that. Sometimes i just blog about whatever I think about when I sit down at the computer. I'm just glad that my folks come thru to see what I have to say and they drop a line.

kayellejaye said...

First of all, the answer to your question is...Yes you have.

Secondly, I read blogs for...

Self reflection

I'm addicted.

Eb the Celeb said...

Awwe... that was really nice...

goes back to that theory that blogs can be rated...

blogs really cant be rated... each person has their own niche, their own experiences, their own personality, that makes for an interesting read that cannot be rated...

I'm glad you enjoy my craziness...

and for some reason I feel closer to some people in the blog world then I do the real world so for me its the great escape.

I read others because its more real and interesting than anything I will find flipping threw the channels.

niki.mac said...

thanks for the shoutout stewie!!

i blog to put
all the random things i come across on the internet,
and thoughts that come into my head,
in one place.
blogging is like thinking out loud to me!


Hey Stew , Hopefully one day I can join your list. I like your style...be easy baby!

Andre said...

Like 12K said, blogging is just about expressing yourself and venting... I blog really to just let people know what's going on with me and I like to write sometimes... it just feels good...

Jaded said...

I am a recovering lurker so this commenting thing is really new to me...I read blogs because I'm soooooo fascinated by how smart people are. lol. I mean really some of the shit people write is like a million times more intelligent than what the say (prolly cause they have more time to think about it...still that shit's impressive).

Plus I'm ULTRA nosy.

1980 said...

first of all, thanks for the love.

i blog because i enjoy writing and i enjoy expressing my feelings in anyway possible. i don't care if i never get another comment again, i just like putting my thoughts out there.

i read blogs because i'm fascinated with everyday life and i'm inspired by the creativity of ordinary people.

it's kinda cliche but blogging is therapeutic.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

"The only reason why I ever decide to write anything is because you are sitting here at this computer all of the time. I would much rather be out somewhere around people. You know I thrive off of human contact."

Negro puh-lease lmao ^_^

I blog because I like to get my thoughts out, without actually having to speak.

I read other people's blogs because I am fascinated with the human minds and I like to read on the bizzare and interesting ways people think.

Stew said...

@12kyle - no problem. gotta show respect where it is due. it funny how topics come to you right???

@kayellejaye - i think you are the only one to answer that question. thanks for paying attention. LOL

@eb - i agree. blogs can not be rated. you can not put a "value" on someone's life experiences

@niki - you know i had to shout you out. you the one got me mixed up in all this!!!

@pocahontaz - i tried to write something about you, but i have not been reading you blog long enough to get a good enough feel. i will continue to read.

@andre - writing is always a good feeling. thats why these responses be so long.

@jaded - it is easy to lurk. i try to comment on EVERY blog i read. no matter what the subject. nothing wrong with being nosy though.

@1980 - yours is one of the first blogs i began to read, so i had to show some love. i always believe that ordinary people do extraordinary things.

@taryn - what? its true. i think Douglass likes to be around people. i can't help that.

Chris said...

I blog to get certain things off my mind that have been bothering me for a minute and to try and hone my creative writing skills to help improve on my professional writing. And I have met some nice people from the blogger world, so that doesn't hurt either.

Tony OH said...

Aight Homey, you da truth!

Glad I lurked through...12Kyle's my Homey!

I'd like you to squat through my spot and maybe you can add a brotha to your list of celebs, because the ones that I read are the truth too!

So check you new homey out and let a brotha know your honest!



One Man’s Opinion said...

Thank you, you gave me a lot to think about as far as people I have not checked out, but probably should. If you say it, I got it.

karrie b. said...

awwww stew...ur the illest.

i blog because i know my life is literally one never ending sex and the city episode. my closest friends (2 of them that just so happen to be viva.la.lohan and timahtimah) can vouch for me lol.


Lina said...

I blog for a couple of reasons. One being that this is a place where I can be open with myself even when I am sometimes reserved. Plus, Im hoping that as I travel through life and overcome my struggles, that the people who read might be able to take a lesson I had to learn and learn from it, or empathize. My self-therapy as therapy for the free-free.

I read other peoples blog for many reasons. I like to read people's writing styles. I like people's antics and stories. Im nosy, so usually if I read, I want to read more. Other people's opinions on the same topic. Plus, blogging gives you a way to see into someone's mind, and thats the best part.