I Have a Thing for Quotes

As I have stated before, this igoogle thing is ruining my life.

"Get rid of it then."

I like it too much. Anyhow, one of the gadgets I have on my page is the quote of the day. I have a thing for quotes. I live my life by a set of quotes & rules.

This one was up there today, and it describes how I feel about most things. Also it goes pretty well with what this blog is all about.

When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about.

- Albert Einstein
You tell'em Al!!!



Tuesdai Noelle said...

Love that quote :)! Welcome to the WORLD of QUOTES!!!!! lol, I consider myself the "Quote Queen" lol, I adore quotes they are seriously something that will uplift you during the day and week, for sho. And I'm blaming you lol, and every other cool blog for having interesting and FUN discussion featured all day lol... I agree @ the BLOG thing--- I myself have got hooked to blogging too lol...but it's sooo cool, all the art, I'm a art fanatic...I just posted something else that crazy cool "jaw droppin" art.

kayellejaye said...

So true...

Charles said...

Lovin the quote...never heard that one before...

karrie b. said...

morning, stewart.

the quote is dope.

i live my life based on almost all the sex and the city quotes. im sucha lame-o!


Stew said...

@tuesdai - i will never try and compete with you

@kayelle - i know right!?!?!?!

@charles - me neither. apparently einstein was a smart man

@karrie - sex and the city huh?? well i would imagine that they have said some stuff that can help you with your day to day life.

Lina said...

I used to do that on my iGoogle. You get some good stuff though. I think the best one I've gotten was:

"Life can only understood backward, it must be lived forward."

Forget who its by though.