Responses to "Average Black Man" Post

I want to thank those of you who responded to my last post. You folks gave me a lot to think about.

The first person to respond was Chris

"I think the average black man is a brother who has identified what he wants and is making a conscious effort to go get it. We all have our dreams and goals in life, but unless we act on making them happen, they just sit there. I do think that it's up to us who are doing right to make more of an effort to stand out in the crowd so that black men don't continue this poor rap that we are getting in the media (I oughtta know, I work in it around people who feel that way about us)."

Next up was Karrie B.

"the average black man is (probably) a sexist, racist, homophobic, uneducated, ignorant, drug-dealin', fast-talkin', city-slickin', skanktastic, 40-sippin', joint smokin', shuck and jive, livin-wit-his-momma-@-35 coon who talks a lot, but doesn't really say much."

Then came Niki

"i think the average Black man is wounded and disenfranchised to some degree. Although I've been exposed many Black men (including yourself) that are grindin' to have a better life later, and many hardworking good Black men (like my dad) I see that there is a greater number that are not doing either. I know too many Black men who are either lost, or just barely getting by with no long term plans."

After that was PrettyBlack

"The average black man is the same as the average white man, the average black woman, the average white woman...

Average meaning usual or normal. Period. The average black man is a usual or normal brother living to the standards of society just as anyone else.

Obama- Above average brother.

fitty- below average brother with above average paper.

Lil Wayne- below average brother with above average paper.

Any brother in college (actually going to get deegree'd is above average. Since the average is median...job...income...education.

The Karrie B described below average brothers.

Maybe you weren't looking for scientific Stew, but that's all a sister has... :-)"

Last but not least was One Man, and I would say that he knocked it out of the park

"First off, Stew. I still think you crazy and I also think you are the average black man. I think I am the average black man. I like the qualities that you posted about the average black man. I fit those, minus the unpaid parking tickets (I've gotten two and paid them in full).

The average black man is a byproduct of his society, but only when they rise above whatever negative traits that society has held over him. The average black man does not make excuses about his up bringing, he knows that his upbringing is what it is, he deals with it as the truth and is still able to get past it and go on to something better. It might not be great, but it gets him by and keeps him strong.

The average black man makes mistakes, because he his human, but not those big mistakes that will get him tossed in jail or marked for death.

The average black man understands that knowledge is power and he might choose to get a degree or he might choose to just get enough knowledge to be one step ahead of the next guy.

The average black man knows what it means to be a black man in the work a day world of our. He knows that there is hatred and misunderstanding of his race and yet he moves past that. He realizes that no one but he and God has power over his destiny in life. Furthermore he does not see his sex or his color as being "two strikes against him" because he considers it an honor to be a black man in this world and even more of an honor to be a black man who can succeed in this world.

The average black man does not let the weight of the world hold him down long, because he knows that he is strong and that no matter how hard it gets, someone else has it harder and he knows that he is blessed to still be granted the opportunity to live one more day.

The average black man loves his people to the point that he can criticize them for the stupid and deadly things they do and say and know that he does so out of love and not out of hate or self loathing.

I believe the average to black man to be all of this and so much more. And from one average black man to another, I think you for writing this post.

Sincerely, my brother."

Again...Thanks everyone.



MsPuddin said...

wow.Im kind of sorry I missed this conversation. The responses were intriguing.

However, in my opininon I would assume that most people would say the average black man is still strugglin, but the econonmy is so bad we are all in the same boat right now.

Someone just the other day was blogging about how Bush fcked us so hard he actually in time brought us together.

anyway, the AVERAGE black man aint doin so bad.

MsPuddin said...

...we all are.

Stew said...

well then, looks like you need to visit the blog a little more. you could have gotten in on the action.

but i do agree. everyone is doing bad.

dejanae said...

interesting responses