BIG BIG BIG Announcement!!!!

"Where is that idiot? I have been waiting here for 10 minutes. He said he had some BIG announcement to make today. I am sick of waiting on this guy, he is always late."

Good Douglass you are already here.

"It feels like I have been waiting here forever. I notice that you have been stressed lately, it has been affecting my performance."

What performance? All you do is follow me around all day. I am the only one who really does anything

"Well following you around and being lazy is not fun when you are stressed. I WANT TO PLAY!!!"

I think I am coming out of this bad place I have been in for the past two weeks.

"Good, because I am sick of having to deal with your nonsense. Now what is this big announcement that you wanted to make to our readers?"

For those of you who have been following this blog since its conception, you have probably noticed that I post about every two days. I wanted all of my readers to be able to read what I have written, and I wanted to have time to respond.

"Get to the point."

So I have decided that I am going to TRY and post everyday, but still keep the same quality that I have brought in the past. I am sure that I can come with quality material everyday, hell my mind is always working anyway.

"That's it??? That's the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT???"

Yeah, something wrong?

"You could have sent me a text or something. There was no need for you to make a huge deal about this and tell me to meet you at your apartment and all that crap. I'm gone."

For those of you who have not thrown a fit and left, stay tuned.

I have a lot on my mind



niki.mac said...

do it!! i miss u stewie!

Lina said...

I think Id like that!!!

kid.a said...

ur gonna try and post everyday and keep the same quality??? wow that's tough...

i have a lot of things on my mind as well but when i write them down they don't seem as interesting on paper as they do in my mind...i have about 40+ drafts of things i was suppose to post...lol...

i was thinking about hiring a ghost blogger like kanye...j/k..lol

well keep it up! i'm sure you can do it..

Stew said...

@niki - i will do the best i can

@lina - i know you will

@kid - i know it will be tough, but i think that i can do it. i am just going to have to try. i think that it will be a good mind exercise. a ghost blogger will not be a bad idea

Eb the Celeb said...


More of Stew... cant complain about that

Don said...

From reading your blog I will say that you have the ability to drop a quality post every day. No question about that.

And that comment you left about your heart beaing fast and ish was funny as hell, bruh.

Bombchell said...

wow goodluck with posting everyday. I dont think im that bothered lol. i believe in quality not quantity (at least most times lol).

ps: nice header, well mostly naruto =)

Stew said...

@eb - oh my god you like me!!!

@don - glad you got faith in me. and i was so serious about that comment too

@bombchell - i am about quality too, which is why i think it will be hard. my friend niki made the banner pic for me

RunGirl. said...

lol @ "you could have sent me a text or something" Everyday is tough, I'd like to eventually do that too. I'm ready to read if you're read to write.