The House Analogy

Humans and primates are 99% genetically the same. That 1% can mean the difference between swinging on trees, throwing your own feces at your mama, and being able to walk on two legs and put on underwear.

"I thought you were a geophysicists. How long have you been a geneticist too?"

Animal Planet give me all of the information I need. You should know, we watch it together all of the time, but I bet you are too busy playing with yourself to notice huh?

"Well you can kiss my ass!!!"

Just shut up for a minute.

The fact that humans are fundamentally the same means that you can make certain blanket statements about the different sexes. Think about any stereotype that has to do with the opposite sex.......got one??


This is the analogy that I use, I call it:

The House Analogy

Here's the way I see it. When you think about a house there are certain things that all houses have, door, windows, rooms, lights, ect. But the thing that makes one more expensive, or more attractive is how the house is laid out. Some houses have more rooms than others, some are bigger than other, some are laid out better. Bottom line some houses are better than other houses. But at the same time, that house has everything in it that makes it a house, and that house is going to do the job of a house, no matter how much better one house is than the other house.

So when you apply this to people, girls for example, it is safe to say that all girls are emotional. Think of that attribute (emotional) to be the lights in a house. Some houses have more lights, and some lights are brighter.

An example for men, all men like porn. Think about men liking porn as windows. Some windowns are cleaner, bigger and more abundant in different houses.

"So now you are trying to relate people to houses?"

I thought I asked you to shut up.

"Don't be mad at me because you so called 'House Analogy' is stupid."

Of course you would say that because you are mad that you did not come up with it first.


I want you folks to think about what I said, and let me know if it makes sense to you or not. I will be more than happy to clear up anything for you. In the mean time....

What is the make up of your house??



Lina said...

My house:

Big bright airy windows: knowledge and objectivity.

Large open loft-like floorplan: open to experiences, ever-changing

Hardwoods: classic, high-quality

No yard: No responsibilities and not wanting any

Rooftop pool: sexy and unexpected

Lamps: emotions through a filter (!)

first class kitchen: matronly

Thats all I can think of.

dejanae said...

houses, windows, and lights huh?

only u

12kyle said...

the refrigerator...always open...like a woman's mouth. lmao!!!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

My House:

My room: Hidden thoughts of the pass and present that I'm still trying to figure out, if only I could stop ingoring it so.

The Bathroom: Release, forget, forgive, retrack, regroup, understand, and seek FULL knowlegde...

I hope I did this correctly :)

Stew said...

@lina - that's a beautiful house

@dejanae - yeah, i am one of a kind

@kyle - ok.....you lost me brother

@tuesdai - my words are always open for interpretation

RunGirl. said...

I like your house analogy. I am going to have to think about what is in my house and get back to you... What's your house??