Follow Up

My plan was to follow up my last post with a discussion about why those kids said the things they did. But after reading the FANTASTIC comments left by my FANTASTIC readers there is nothing left for me to say.

"So you thought that these fine people were too stupid to elaborate on the subject on their on huh? You think you HAVE to be the one to start the discussion? Well hopefully this knocks you off of your high horse, takes your head out of the clouds, deflates your ever growing ego. You are not the ring leader you thought you were are you? Let me answer that for you.....NO."

Much to your surprise Douglass, it does not bother me that I will not have to elaborate more on this subject. For those of you who are interested in what I WOULD HAVE said, just go back to the last post and read everyone's comments.

"So now you want to play the role of a modest gentleman. Well I'm not buying it. You will always be the pompous know-it-all in my book."

And you will always be a figment of my imagination.

For those of you still paying attention, what I WILL do is elaborate on the the nicknames that I gave the kids, since many of you found them very entertaining. We will start with:

Ringleader - This is pretty self explanatory. This boys has every other boy following his every command. When he says jump the others ask "On who?" It is always amazing to me to see the respect a kid like this gets at such a young age.

Lion Tamer - She was one of the first kids that I met when I first arrived at the camp. She is very nice, and love to tell stories and jokes. Her little brother on the other hand is a handful. She warned me about him the first day I met her. She told me a story that went something like this:

LT: Just wait until you meet my little brother.
sTeW: Why? Is there something wrong with him?
LT: He is psycho.
sTeW: What do you mean psycho?
LT: This one time at school he pulled his eyeball out and ate it.
sTeW: How is that possible?
LT: I don't know, but he did it. He came home laughing about it.

Regardless of whether or not that is EXACTLY what she said, she is the only one who can can keep that little boy under control. Hence the name...LION TAMER

Legs - Just a tall girl. She just got braces, so I could have called her Brace Face or Train Tracks, but those are just so old school. Also I know how much braces hurt so there is no need to add insult to injury.

Iron Face - Have you ever ran across one of those people who face is COMPLETELY flat? I mean from a profile view all you can see is nose and lips. Absolutely flat like the face of an iron. I mean like this:

Get the point? Well that is what this girls face looks like. FLAT!!!

Carrie - Pure Evil. She is mean to everyone, and does it with the sweetest little smile on her face.
I mean it. And this girl's mom acts like she is just the cat's meow. More like Lucifer's cackle if you ask me. Mephistopheles in a 5 year old girl body. Period.

Well this ends the follow up. Hope this was as entertaining for you to read as it was for me to write.



dejanae said...

the eyeball eating exchange..

kayellejaye said...

And now it all makes sense. LOL.

Don said...

Carrie and Ring Leader sound like some very interesting characters, and I could sit and talk with Lion Tamer all day long. That was a funny story.

12kyle said...

thanks for explaining this!! wow! these are some interesting lil characters.

1/3 said...

LOL you are too funny with the conversations with yourself.

I know a couple of carrie's! My nephew is like that. one minute hes an angel next he's a menace. A con artist at 2! LOL

Anyways, Ive added ya to my blogroll..I should have did this sooner..forgive me lol

Anonymous said...

I think piss came out I was Laughing so hard at the artist rendition of Iron Face

Stew said...

@dejanae - i was laughing when i wrote it

@kayelle - glad i could do that for you

@don - all the kids are interesting, those are just some highlights

@kyle - all makes sense now huh?

@1/3 - the best thing about talking to yourself is that someone is guaranteed to listen

@qucifer - you had better change your panties then

Lina said...

This is why being around children is soooo much fun sometimes. I love the nicknames, especially Carrie.