Bet You Never Thought About This

One aspect of my personality that I really love is my attention to detail. I tend to catch small details about people and/or situations that help me put together the entire story. I am like Sherlock Holmes, just without the pipe, hat, sidekick, and burning desire to help other people. For example, whenever I am riding in the car with my mom and there is an accident, she always tells me to look and see what happened.

"Damn you are just so full of yourself. She don't ask you that because she thinks you are a master at solving puzzles, she asks you because she is driving and she can't look and figure it out herself."

So answer me this smart ass, why did she tell me to look when I was younger and all four of us was in the car and my dad was driving?

"She never wore her glasses then. And back then your eyes were good, not like now where you have like 20/200 vision. Get off of yourself."

I can not get credit from you for anything can I?

"Not when you try to make yourself out to be a superhero or something."

Regardless of what Douglass says, I can almost always look at a situation and figure out the order of events.

On the other hand, there are many things in the world that I, and most people, tend to miss. Today I was sitting outside eating lunch at this bar/lounge. There was a chalk board that had the lunch special on it. As I was sitting there eating, I saw the waitress erase the sign and write the dinner special. To most people, you (reader) included, this is not very interesting to you, but to me it is very fascinating. These are one of the elusive things in life that you know happen, but you rarely get a chance to see it happen. There are many more things that are just like this.
  • Billboards being put up
  • The time change on a digital clock (unless you sit and watch it)
  • A bird crap on someone's car
  • A 18 wheeler blow a tire
  • A tree fall naturally
  • A tree fall on a house
  • Lightning striking
  • A cat catch a mouse
  • A dog bury a bone
  • Someone change the gas prices
You get the point.

I am always excited when I see things like this, I do not know why, but I stop and stare when these events unfold before me.

"Do you not have anything else to write about?"

Can you come up with any other examples? I would love to hear them.



niki.mac said...

yea i love when i catch the little things in life like that. it makes the "mundane" seem interesting.

i love pulling up to my house just as the mailman is putting my mail in the box... that doesn't happen very often!

NotForTheFaintOfHeart said...

I love catching ppl change the prices. I always wonder what price the ppl at the pump are paying. Like if it starts at 2.95 and the guy is changing it to 2.90 do they get the discounted price for the rest of their fillup?