Suggestions Anyone???

Thanks to Niki, I have had Google Reader for a while, and I have a list of blogs that I subscribe to. At its maximum I was subscribe to about 40 blogs. Recently I went to every blog on my list to figure out why most of them had not had any new posts for a while. Most of them have either been deleted or have been switched to invite only. Now I am left with about 20 or so blogs to read, most of which are still up, but the blogger does not write consistently.

So I need help from all of my blogs friends out there. I need some good blogs to read. If the blog is all about how much men suck and all of the terrible relationships that the blogger has been in, I am not interested. I would like for it to be interesting, and about something.

"Are you looking for blogs, or writing a personal ad? What other qualities would you like in you new 'lover'?"

I can not help it if I want to read a certain kind of blog. Everyone has preferences, even when it comes to the type of blogs they want to read.

"I find it funny that your preferences sound a lot like you looking for a date on Craigslist."

Either way, I need new blogs to read.




karrie b. said...

holla @ my beige coloured partner in crime Gem @ www.thebohemianbookworm.blogpsot.com

tell her sentchu

kid.a said...

yo this is a response to you from my 3 wishes post...if we were playing by Aladdin's rules then my 3rd and final wish would be to live my life again knowing what I know now.

As for blogs to recommend here are a few that i subscribe too...
-engadget.com or gizmodo.com (tech blogs)
-kotaku.com (video game blog)
-slashfilm.com (blog about movies)
-ohellnawlblog.com (funny blog about dumb stuff that goes on in our community)
-www.brothers-brick.com (blogs about legos)

let me know what you think about them...beware some of them (gizmodo, engadget, and kotaku) post a lot throughout the day...