The Good Thing About Dreams

For the better part of my life I did not dream, and if I did all I saw was a tunnel of colors. I always wondered why I did not dream. Since dreams are an extension of the subconscious, logic would tell you that I did not have much going on in my subconscious. This theory makes sense because when I was younger I did and said any and everything that came to mind. (I am glad I grew out of that. Almost got my butt kicked in middle school. Remind me later to tell you that story.)

"I dream a lot. Mostly about women, partying, flying, women, superpowers...you know, all of the normal stuff."

Now, on the other hand, I dream all of the time. Most of my dreams are about running. Either I am running away from something/someone, or I am running to catch up to something/someone. Very rarely I dream about sex, which is weird due to the fact that 75% of my thoughts have some type of sexual innuendo wrapped up inside of them. On a more disturbing note, some of my dream would suggest that I am suffering from the Oedipus Complex. (Look it up if you are lost)

"You get more and more pathetic the more I get to know you. The only way you have sex....IS IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!! Ha!!! So many jokes could go with that, but I'll let you wallow in your self pity without my help."

Dreams can be helpful to some people though. For example, someone who is having a hard time dealing with the loss of a loved one, if they are reunited with that person in their dreams then it could make the grieving process a little bit easier.

Last night I was reunited with an old friend from my undergrad. We came in at the same time but he was slightly older than I was. He might just be the coolest melanin-free guy I have ever come across. He was a simple guy from a rural part of North Carolina. You can not say this about most people, but he really DID NOT see color, EVER. We spent countless nights in the Physics Lounge talking about everything under the sun when we should have been doing homework. After he graduated, with a ~3.5 GPA in Physics, he decided to join the Peace Corps. I have not seen him since. Every now and again I have spoke to him on FB or and email, but it is few and far between. I know it sounds like I am talking about my love affair with a woman, but he and I got to be really good friends, and sometimes you miss your friends...get off my back!!!

"I always knew you liked guys."

So where ever you are Swizzle, hopefully we will cross paths in the future, and if they do there is a bar somewhere with two beers with our names on them.


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kid.a said...

when i was younger i used dream that i was being chased...man i hated those dreams.

Sometimes I dream about things and i think/want them to be so real that I'm confused if they happened when i wake up...

I really intersted in dreams and what they mean...i need to do some more research on them...

yo as for the Oedipus Complex...nah bro i can't relate. that sh!t is just scary...