She Is SO Annoying!!!

"Who are you talking about? You don't deal with any women (personally I think you're gay) so what the hell are you talking about?"

I think I can say without a doubt that my mom is the MOST ANNOYING person on the planet. She has the uncanny ability, like most moms do, to annoy the hell out of me with three words. Sometimes she baits me into arguments only to laugh in my face because she knows that she was able to irritate me.

"Well if you were not such a emotional baby then that would not happen."

Her latest exploit has been at the expense of my blog. As you can see I have changed how it looks. My original banner is gone and I have a new background. Personally, I like the new look. Change is a good thing. Like rearranging your room, it makes you feel like you are in a completely different place.


Leave it up to my mom to tell me about how much she hates it because the picture of me and my brother is gone.

Annoying Woman: Where is the picture of you and Dee?
Me: It's gone.

Really Annoying Woman: Why?

Me: It's time for a change.
Irritating Woman: That was your trademark.
Me: I do not have a trademark.

Really Irritating Woman: Well, I like the other one better.

Me: Nobody asked you!!!

So I told her that I would ask my readers whether or you all like the changes or not. If more people say that the old way was better, then I will go back to that.

So let me know.

Mom I hate you.



kid.a said...

yea my mom knows how to work my nerves too...

change is always going to happen one way or another. whether its good or bad is relative to that situation and time.

in this situation i think it is good. I like the layout and your header picture makes sense. so no complaints here.

Raquel said...

Well, Well, Well!!! Since he is in Ghana and South Africa I can write w/o interruption.

I like the other banner better because it personalized Stew'z page. This chalk outline of some random dude or girl(for all I know) means what!

Well, either way, as your readers have learned.... you've always worked to your own beat!

So, Mom loves ya,get back safe, Chalk outline and all!LOL!!!!